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Data Security in Social Media

By BlackF3.n1x ·
Data Security when it comes to Social Media is a joke. Social Media giants use ads to generate revenue. Why isn't there a social media platform that runs on a subscription based model that doesn't sell your data to Ad agencies? If there ever existed such a platform would people join? What do you guys think?
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Re: Data Security in Social Media

by ssonera88 In reply to Data Security in Social M ...

I think that the social media platform would have to offer a lot for one to pay for a subscription. I mean nobody should have to pay to have a social life.

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Why not?

by BlackF3.n1x In reply to Re: Data Security in Soci ...

But why not? Would you rather sell all your information online for everyone and anyone to exploit you rather than pay a small fee for that service? Social life is nothing than a platform someone is developing for you. Its their service that you are using. Consider this, if you were a sweeper in charge of sweeping a street, would you or wouldnt you want to get paid for your work? You still are a resident so are you obligated to serve the country by sweeping the streets for free? Social media companies too have lots of people supporting the platform. They too need to get paid for the work they do. So as long as you use their platform why wouldnt you pay for it?

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Re: paid

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to Data Security in Social M ...

I remember from a few years ago that Facebook had the idea to invoice a very low amount for use of Whatsapp ($0.99 a year, see ). That was a scandal and they had to cancel the plan.

While people easily paid (and still pay) a comparable amount for sending ONE letter or postcard or hoiiday wish by snail mail, and still pay for phone calls and SMS. And of course, pay big money for being connected to Internet to be able to have an online social life.

I wonder why social media should be free ("nobody should have to pay for a social life". Seems to make just as little sense as "nobody should have to pay for sending a letter".

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Data Security in Social Media

by instapostlikes In reply to Data Security in Social M ...

Data security is the most important part of social media users. Security is very necessary for everyone. There are many personal things that can not be shared with everyone.

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Re: security

by kakici9967 In reply to Data Security in Social M ...

I’ve been searching for some decent stuff on the subject and haven't had any luck up until this point, You just got a new biggest fan!.

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social media hackers

by peoplesofterp2020 In reply to Data Security in Social M ...

A social platform needs to not only combat hackers, but also has to protect users whose personal security practices might be elementary. Only 18 percent of Americans report changing their social media password regularly.

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