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By kornyo ·
dose encription protect data or information?

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It does for both

by markp24 In reply to data security

depending on the impliementation of Encryption your using. But you can use it to secure the information your passwing between two decvices on a network, or you can use it to encrypt a data file (ie zip file)

i hope that helps, if not please clarify the question.

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Depends on what you mean by Protect

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to data security

Ideally under all circumstances the Data should be unreadable unless the correct Encryption Key a is available for the person who wants to read the data.

But depending on who you want to keep out standard encryption products may not be suitable. For instance of you use the Encrypted File System from M$ you will not protect the Data from Government & other Officials from being able to read it if there is a Investigation of your activities undertaken by the Authorities.

M$ provide a Cracking Tool to all Police Authorities for their Encryption Software so that effectively means that all Governments, Security Services and other Legal Authorities can read the encrypted data without too much trouble.

However if you mean that if the Encryption Key is unavailable to the members of the General Public can they read your Encrypted Data then the answer is most likely no they can not. For that matter if you do not backup the Encryption Key or you forget it you will be unable to read your own data unless you can program a cracking tool to break the encryption.

Overall there is no One Size Fits all Security Method but it really depends on who it is you want to keep from reading the data to begin with. Most Governments have Legislation in place requiring you to hand over Encryption Keys when asked for Security Reasons and under those conditions you have to hand over the means to read the Data.


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