Data Server Windows Server 2003 R2

By Pommyboy_FearFactory ·
Hi Guys,

Our Main data server keeps randomly rebooting, is this happening to anyone as of late, ive been hearing around the office that its a known issue by ms?


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Also using 2003 R2

by musenwaid In reply to Data Server Windows Serve ...

I am also using server 2003 R2 but have never experience that problem. Check the recent updates that you have installed maybe one of them is not compatable with one of your programs. Alson try to run chkdsk /f /r from command prompt

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While you're checking things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Data Server Windows Serve ...

Look at the Log Files to see if there is anything reported happening causing the shut down.

The most obvious is that the Temperature Restart Setting in the BIOS is too low and this is shutting the system down to prevent damage to the CPU/s or whatever is being monitored.

Or that the system has been in use for some time and the CPU/s Heat Sinks are full of Dust and other Crud allowing the CPU/s to overheat. I've seen a lot of Dell's recently with this issue.

Or the finial option is that the Power Supply is marginal and in the process of failing so that whenever a Surge/Spike comes through on the mains it shuts down and causes a restart.

The Temp Issue is easy to check just load a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

and running any diagnostic on the Disc. If the system restarts Look at the BIOS for Temp Safety Options or open the case and clean it out with some canned air.

If it's the PS you need to replace it before the Filtering Capacitors in it fail completely and damage the rest of the internal parts of the server.


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