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    Data Transfer Speed on Win2k Server.


    by venraju ·

    Hi Friends,

    We found a problem on server and the and software are as follows
    Hardware : Compaq DL 380
    Software : Windows 2000
    Media : Cat5 (Cross Over)
    NIC?s : Inter Pro

    We are trying to transfer large data between two systems in our network. That is taking long time by using the same network cards due to that we installed new NIC?s for a dedicated 100MB connectivity between our servers and both the servers are connected by using a CAT5 Cross Over cable for communication. We startedtransferring date from machine1 to machine2 and we observer that the data transfer rate is like 3Mbps. It is taking 1 hour 17 min to transfer 12GB data from one machine to another. We are thinking that this time is too long for this data to be transferred. We tried all the possible combinations to trouble shoot at our network lever by changing NIC?s cards and Cross over cable but there is no use. Any help is appreciated in this regards to improve TCP/IP capabilities in Windows 2000.

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      Data Transfer Speed on Win2k Server.

      by abubin ·

      In reply to Data Transfer Speed on Win2k Server.

      Maybe you have antivirus running that is scanning your files while it is being transfered. Try disabling any antivirus and background services/apps you have. Test again.

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      Data Transfer Speed on Win2k Server.

      by ufis ·

      In reply to Data Transfer Speed on Win2k Server.

      -Make sure that NIC drivers are newest from Intel site, and manually set link speed and duplex to 100/full duplex.

      -Also if you have two different paths between servers, (crossover and normal network) make certain that the crossover connection is the one that is in use. Start a large file copy and disconnect the crossover to determine which path it is using.

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