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Data Warehouse - How many staff?

I?m trying to find info on average or ?acceptable? staff levels to run a data warehouse and end services. We are taking on a lot of new business and I?m having a battle with management on what I need. I?ve included a current profile below. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

My Section of 28 staff includes BA?s, testers, DBA?s, techo?s for M/f cobol/JCL/prism, SQL, smartclient, web, c#, MS Reporting Services and other sundry.

We source data from around 12 m/f and SQL applications as well as a few external sources. The application development division numbers around 300, expected to grow to 450 over the next 6-12 months. Some stats follow;

3-4 million transactions per day
2 Terabytes, soon to start growing around 1tb a month
Several thousand users Australia-wide
Full near real time replication
Daily, weekly and monthly destructive updating
2nd level support
Software License management (SAS, Brio/Hyperion, Cognos/SuperStar)
Architecture/Infrastructure management
Ad-hoc data services
Report development and maintenance (currently 200 external and 400 internal report/cubes).
5 web and .net/smartclient external-facing applications (built and maintained in-house)
Internal poller/scheduler and Portal (built and maintained in-house)

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Staffing levels are dependent on personal skills

by stress junkie In reply to Data Warehouse - How many ...

I don't think that anyone would want to say that you need this many people with a certain skill and that many people with another skill. Local requirements are dependent on your local workload AND the skills of the people board.

Here's an example of what I mean. This is going to be unrealistically simple to illustrate my point. Lets say that you have an IT team. The only work that you ever get is to create user accounts. You will need to make twelve user accounts per day. How many techs do you need? Well it depends. If you have a tech that takes two hours to make a user account then you will need two techs of the same skill level. On the other hand if you have one tech that can make 25 user accounts per day then you only need one person to work half days. So your staffing requirement depends on the productivity of the people that you bring on board.

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# of personnel

by madtechgirl In reply to Data Warehouse - How many ...

You need approximately 25 staff members who maintain the DW and that's all they do. That's full time employees not contractors, etc. That's just for your DW, you need additional people for the rest of the applications, hardware, etc. that you develop and/or maintain.

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