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    Data Warehousing Career


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    I am in IT field for past five years. Currently, I work as a Data Warehouse analyst ( DB2 on Unix). I have good understanding of RDMS. My primary function is to design, develop and provide data to a customer. I also provide assistance to other users on building SQL and Cognos Reporting Tools. Other skills are Oracle, Unix, DB2 and MS Access. I feel like I am a ?Jack of all trades but Master of none. Can I qualify as a DBA or as a Business Analyst? I am not sure, where my skills are best suited. Does Any one has more information on Data Warehouse Technology? Advice.

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      by dtechy ·

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      I can speak from the business analyst perspective. I don’t doubt your technical expertise. Here are a set of business analyst related questions. Do you like to communicate w/ your clients (e.g., to discuss everyday things, but also technical issues,concerns, and thoughts)? Do you lead and facilitate meetings? Have you written business (user) requirements documents and end user training documents? Are you familiar w/ any project management methodology? Have you been involved with writing or assisting in developing test plans and/or test scripts? If you answered yes to all of the above, you qualify as a business analyst. For any answer that was a No, look into and study those areas. Based on the info you wrote, you may be a better fit as a Systems Analyst or even a data warehouse consultant. However, if you choose to be a systems analyst, you should pick a particular technology to focus (e.g., Oracle).

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      Data Wqarehousing is GENERIC.

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      Stick with what you know! There are so FEW data modelers that understand RDMS’s well. Do you qualify as a “business analyst”? – Only you know that because that knowledge comes from running a company and learning THE HARD WAY (not the academic way). After all most colleges and universities have by far the MOST fragmented data warehousing anywhere, and nobody in the academic world has the authority to force the myriad of users to construct a single COORDINATED and NORMALIZED Data Warehouse.
      Data Modeling is a universally generic tool (or talent) MANY FOLKS NEED (as you must know). Just learn to let owners explain what they need and convert the “noun”, “adjective”, and “verb” words they use into Tables and Fields identified by them, and then show them how to connect MANY applications to a single Data Warehouse.

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