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By im_a_beginner ·
hi good day to everyone... i am developing an inventory system for my brother... the product they are selling are OIL<Lubricants> , HARDWARE , TIRES... the fields of oil and tires are quite similar except in the hardware bcoz in the hardware example NAILS we cannot put 10 kilos of nails in the field of size instead kilo.. i make a table for oil and tires... but i cant include hardware bcoz of the kilos.. my questions shouls i make another table for a hardware... if answer is yes how should i manipulate it in a form ? if no how ? pls help me.... tnx

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by sgt_shultz In reply to database

yes. think it is good idea to make another table for hardware. you don't mention which database you are using. you can have more than one table on a form. If you are using Access, why don't you check out the sample databases available thru File/New/Templates or from downloads at www.microsoft.com. The service center database looks like might fill the bill with some modifications for tracking inventory qtys

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by im_a_beginner In reply to database

im a using visual foxpro 6. its a foxpro database/table.. if i make another table for hardware.. theres a possibility that it will be complicated..is there any possible solutions?

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by pnakiet In reply to database

Hello friend,
With your explanation, only 1 diference from this is measureUnit.
If so, I think you could use the same table for all of these product with one more field added: MeasureUnit.
With the new field, you could input kilo, or another measureunit.
Have success,


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by r.bastiaans In reply to database

Hi there,

Because the products you sell are basically different, you should consider to make one table for each group of products which have the same aspects. Example:
Table oil: id|name|density|stock|value
Table Tires: id|name|size |stock|value
Table Hware: id|name|weigh |stock|value

although the tables contain different fieldnames, you can join them into 1 table where for example the third column is called "Physical". You van use the SQL keyword UNION to combine the tables into 1 table.

This process is called databasenormalisation. You can find info about this everywhere on the internet. Try webmonkey.com

You can find syntax info about the UNION in your helpfunction.


Rolf Bastiaans

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