Database Administration vs. Network Design & Mgt. Career Advice

By Suzanne7991 ·
Hello, I'm a new member and student. My question is that I wanted to get some real world advice about which direction I should go in. Database Administrator or Network Design & Management. Which is in need currently? Which has the best advancement potential? Which is better salary wise for an entry level position? Salary potential? Pros/Cons of each. I'd appreciate any guidance.

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My first piece of career advice...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Database Administration v ...

...would be to do what you like to do. You'll be much more successful plying a trade for which you have a passion than just rolling out of bed and going through the motions for a 'job'.

Asides from that, research is your best friend. Here is one link that could help:

Redmond magazine does another salary list you could get for free. I'd say look at a few of those, and draw your own conclusions.

Best of luck.

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More DBA jobs than infrastructure jobs

by robo_dev In reply to Database Administration v ...

My opinion/observation is that there are typically only one or two top network gurus at a company, while there are usually a whole lot of database gurus. And a good Oracle DBA can make a very good living.

The nature of the work is very different.

While a DBA spends a lot of time digging deep into data structures and helping to build databases for applications, network people are often fighting fires (figuratively speaking) and do more hands-on work, which can often include lots of travel going to sites to supervise equipment upgrades, new installs, or to troubleshoot.

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