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database administration(oracle)

By kayus2ng ·
The size of the database user files has become so big that it has slowed down applications on the client, it makes it difficult to run applications on the clients. what can be done?

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Need more information

by blarman In reply to database administration(o ...

It would help to supply more information regarding the purpose of the app, the sizes of the tables it is hitting, etc. It's pretty hard to give you a definite solution from so little data. "Slow" applications can indicate a lot of things.

A few things to check:
1) Check your indexes. Rebuild them, and check to see if you have enough of them. Also check to see if a reverse B-Tree might be substituted for a B-Tree where appropriate.
2) Undo/Redo. Check to make sure that the undo segments are large enough and populous enough to handle the requests. Take the total number of concurrent transactions and divide by 4. Make sure you have at least this number of undo segments.
3) Check to see if you are in dedicated server mode, or shared server mode. If in dedicated server mode, add more RAM to accommodate larger or more numerous client sessions (you may need to adjust the init.ora parameters). If in shared mode, make sure you have enough dispatchers and server processes to handle the load.

If you have checked all of these, and still can't get any significant progress, you may need to do an overall evaluation of the system (including the application) to determine if the demand exceeds the capacity.

Good Luck.

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