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    database career advice


    by sebrodz ·

    i just completed my M.S. in non-profit management and i am very interested in technology especially databases. as such i am creating a grants management database for my organization, mainly to track grant reports, grant renewals, expired grants, pending proposals, and soon fiscal year expenditures. i am also creating a small donors database. in my leasure time i am creating a client tracking database for a large organization. all this w/o any programming experience, which leads me to the following question.
    should i consider going for a SQL administration license? any suggestions? what kind of database lisencing would help me? i really would like to continue and expand my database knowledge while at the same time utilize my m. s.
    any thoughts will be appreciated.

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      Look at the big picture!

      by donq ·

      In reply to database career advice

      What a wonderful set of skills you have going! It sounds as though you already have a reasonably good grasp of database business software development familiarity. With such you reolize you develop (front ends or GUIs) with one product set of products (say Access and VB) and back ends with another (say SQL Server or Oracle).

      If you want employment as a programmer or software development engineer by all means pursue a MCSD Certification. Above all learn Data Modeling and/or database normalization BEFORE building anything you share with a potential employer that understands databases and how they work.

      Your combined skills are unique and would be very valuable – esoecially to non-profit and/or CPA type clients.

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