database connectivity

By saad_khan ·
Could anyone tell me that how to access the database which is on another machine and to connect to it using front-end application on my PC?

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Could you please be more vague?

by seanferd In reply to database connectivity

What database? What application? What is the network setup?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Could you please be more ...

Which whatsit do I need to connect a thingamabob to an oojah?


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by saad_khan In reply to Sure

Is this some kinda joke????

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ??

Your question was up there with others we get on here that go something like this.

It isn't working, how do I fix it.

To help you we need a bit a help.

Like what, where, when and what have you tried and what were the results.

If the problem can be stated in much simpler terms, then the answer is usually Google.

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by saad_khan In reply to Could you please be more ...

Thanx for your response..

well the database is in MySql and front-end is in C#. just want to check how to access it through LAN through my colleague's pc within the same office, any idea???

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The client side connection

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to thanx

is effectively the same whereever the database is sited.

What matters is being able to 'see' the machine the server is intalled on, ie there's some network connection. That you can see the server on that machine, that you ahve permission to access the database(s) on that machine.

The basics are all in the mysql documentation, the specifics though depend on your set up. It could be anight mare, or it might just work straight off.

One of the firsrt things that might get in your face is the windows firewall if it's running on your colleague's PC. It may be blocking MySql's port (default is 3306), but check the config file.

Are you using MySQLConnect ?

Amazing what a bit of info can do isn't it?

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