DATABASE CONSOLIDATION and report generation

By seesite2003 ·
Hello guys,

Need a two solutions:

Scenario like this.

There are two companies one is in japan and other one is in ch they both making motorbikes.

Now they merger togather, CEO is asking the HRM department to have data of employees.

Now company 1 is having won XP workstation with IBM DB2 databse server and company 2 is having Mysql databse with lynux operating system terminals.

Now management strategy is:

Company is going to keep their old system working on but i need provide solution which would merge those two database to gather and generate a report of both companies employee name, id and so on[human res data) and that would be for time being solution.[here i think federated databse, or replicaton or intelligent application connection]

For future i have to make my database ditributed as central database so i dont have to save data in two different databses.

I need your view Please. Although i have plan in my mind abt replication and adding the intelligent application. but i dont understand where to start.

Do i need to change schema of the database ?

and how i can create report using these two database it is for the time being. and i need to provide future solution by merging two database may be centralized database .

I would be much appericiate if some master mnd can advice me where to start ....

Please help me...

Thanks in advance..

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I would be much appericiate if you showed ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DATABASE CONSOLIDATION an ...

A little more detail as to what you have already done / figured out for yourself.

This sounds too much like you give me the answers, and I'll sit on my arse then get all the credits.

I'll pass, if you appericiate what I'm saying.

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