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Database Design

By behappy ·
I have to do a database analysis and upgrade of a company that employs about 50 people. It is a theater company that also has road productions. Is there any tool out there that I could use to help me analyze their needs? I'm not yet looking for a program that would meet their needs yet. Just something that would help me write out and organize for me and them what their needs are, kind of a database design for dummies, but I'm not a dummy and their needs are obviously more sophisticated than that.

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Database Design

by donq In reply to Database Design

Purchase an inexpensive copy of Microsoft Access. It is a stand alone PC database product or it can be an extremely powerful client/server business software development tool. There are literally HUNDREDS of easy to understand Access How-2 books, and if your company execs like what you can do its is easy to turn your work into a royalty free software product 4 everyone.

I use Access and my company is the:
"Awesomely efficient, newly incorperated, teeny-weeny, mass confusion eliminating computer company"! So there! GOOD HUNTING

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Database Design

by behappy In reply to Database Design

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Database Design

by SilverBack In reply to Database Design

I'm happy as I can be on a Monday morning--but, let me give you a bit of a reply. You'll probably not think it's a very useful reply, but it's a real-life answer based on real-life experience.

What you're *asking for* is an artificial intelligence application. What you *need* is a warm body with a bit of database design experience. You don't give a lot of information about what the database will be used for--a good analogy: "I need to design a motor vehicle."

The obvious questions thatneed to be answered before you (or anybody else) can give you the help you need is: 1) what will the database be used for? 2) how big do I expect the database to grow? 3) who needs to get to it, and under what conditions, and from where? 4)who will create, populate, and maintain the database? 5) how many people will be using the database?

Mr. Tran gave a partial solution, with his recommendation to use Microsoft Access. It IS a fairly powerful, and fairly user-friendly relational database (assuming you already have some knowledge of database design and usage), but I would hesitate to recommend that anyone unfamiliar with database design just pick up and start using MS Access. Maybe, a reasonable alternative--depending upon the complexity and sophistication of what you need to do--is use the database capabilities of MS Excel.

However, bottom line: find yourself a knowledgeable person to talk to. If there's a local college or university, you might be able to find someone on faculty, or possibly a grad student or advanced underclassman who could help. I strongly urge you to find a living, breathing person.

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