database design for online shop

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i am designing a online shop
i want to know the database design for sales
items (all the household items)
design should be such that
1) i can show that it is search efficient
2) customers can easily search items
3) i want to add decision support systems for
that apply data mining on the database of sales

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I could come up with about fifty designs

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to database design for onlin ...

that would meet those criteria without even breaking into a sweat, probably none of them would be suitable as well.

Search by what criteria, to do that efficiently you need indexes. Be real wary around wild card searching for parts of names. That solution will be specific to the DBMS you are using.

Your other problems is, if you optimise a database for operational use, e.g. find and order, reporting will suffer. And of course vice versa.
Depends on the volume and the required immediacy of the reporting, but if you want both quick, then a set of report tables (populated via a batch, replication, or triggers) or even a separate database will be the way to go.

As for the detailed design, start with the data, and see where a standard normalised design leaves you application wise. No way we can guess that from here.

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