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Database/SQL Certification

By jas0090 ·

I am graduating from RIT with a degree in Management information
Systems. I have taken a liking to databases.

I am looking for a certification in databasing/sql that will best suit me
in my job search. Something I can build upon etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations. In my search there seems to
many to choose from (for example: mySQL, oracle, etc)


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That depends

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Database/SQL Certificatio ...

To get to Oracle DBA, you need a lot of certs and damned expensive ones. If you show promise you may get taken on as a junior DBA while you amass the rest of them, but don't sit around waiting for that.

It is still pretty much the biggest earner, has to be to pay for the certs...

SQL Server is very popular in MS shops, but very few people use it for seriously big databases, more likely a lot of small to mediums.

MySQL is of course very popular on the WEB side, and they'll expect you to know a bit about that and probably wear a linux hat as well.

What I can say is if you stick to just databases, your opportunities are going to be limited. To get a career start, generally you want to be as multi purpose as possible.

With your MIS education, if I were you I'd look at data warehousing and business objects type angles and work your way towards specialising in databases for MIS.

Note all these certs assume you know databases and SQL, normalisation, indexing, relationships...

You also need to think about whether you want to do operational stuff, or development. More of a difference in approach than anything else, but a significant one.

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by santeewelding In reply to That depends

You toss it off. I attend to every word. Thank you.

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