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Databse dependant Website: What software?

By Andy_Steadman ·
Hi all,

I was wondering what software packages you would recommend to setup a database dependant website i.e. what database? what website authoring packages? and on which box?

At the moment I am only able to use the Macromedia Studio package but am not sure if I should learn another package to allow me to build a heavily database dependant website.

Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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database website

by afram In reply to Databse dependant Website ...

Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX has always been my favorite. If it has a missing feature, you can probably get it as a plug-in from dreamweaver exchange.

If it's a small database, I like to use a simple access file. But I prefer to use Oracle Lite.

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whatis the...

by Jaqui In reply to Databse dependant Website ...

purpose / function of the site?

you may not have to code anything, just upload graphics and sql to the webserver / host

look for portal and cms on sourceforge.net
hundreds of database sites, free, most using mysql and or postgresql. which are both free.

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Dreamweaver does that too

by Oz_Media In reply to Databse dependant Website ...

Look to Macromedia's Web Dev offers, they have LOTS of databse driven software for the Studio that is just fantastic.

You can see if there are any upcoming webinars here;

The Lasso Extension (costly but easy) has a free demo you can play with to build some robust code;

The GenB extension will also offer basic database driven site tools for FREE;

And they also offer the granddaddy Macromedia product; Cold Fusion


If you are already using MM prodcuts, you have a HUGE edge on most web developers that don't, if there still are any that is. It seems th biggest and most successful sites are built with MM procucts, they simply have no competitors, no....Front Page isn't even remotely close.

The nice thing about the Macromedia products as you probbaly know already is the integration in teh studio, the all just work VERY tightly together and trade code off between apps as needed with ease.

I cannot say enough about these guys, I have used almost all of their products and NEVER EVER had a single issue that either they or a plugin couldn't take care of.

If you haven't upgraded to the StudioMX, DO SO, it is unbelievable how much mroe integrated it is than even the older WebDev Studio, MX just flies.

If you can't find what you need at Macromedia, you didn't look, plain and simple. Send them and email or hit the forums, where support is simply second to none.

Nothing you find will compare to the functionality and simplicity of sitewide management/redesign that Macromedia offers.

Good luck, let me know if you have questions.

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no issues???

by Jaqui In reply to Dreamweaver does that too

for a cf driven site with issues check my own email


crash central

loockup central.
popup/spyware central

makes macromedia's tech look real bad

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Guess it couldn't be yourself of course

by Oz_Media In reply to no issues???

The URL had a comma

Macromdia has offered nothing but top notch support in my case, and I've worker quite closely with them on a few wierd, customer specific issues.

CF has been rock solid in any case I've used it too.

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I had a look at the jobmarket in the uk

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Guess it couldn't be your ...

a while back and over here at least there were far fewer postings for cold fusion than asp or php. From what I've seen it's nice, clear and simple, but scripts are not my favourite thing, I'd much rather work in a strongly typed environment, only market forces and/or expediency makes me go there.

My favourite web technology is actually ISAPI, which shows anyone can a have a good but unpopular idea. Only used it once and that was in 98.

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That's funny

by Oz_Media In reply to I had a look at the jobma ...

You mean to say the Cold Fusion coders are remaining employed?!

Why would a job listing prove a popular technology????

It's like when I was younger and sold audio, a customer was looking at Harman Kardon and JVC. I could have made WAY more profit selling the JVC but his needs and taste screamed Harman Kardon.

Even similarly priced, JVC's high end to entry level HK, he decided to buy the JVC.

AS I wrote it up, I asked what had made up his mind (as any salesman should) his reply; "My brother fixes stereo equipment at a popular shop, he's never even heard of Harman Kardon."


Just in case people haven't caught on, a repair shop NOT knowing of a product would be a GOOD thing to most consumers. Having familiarity with a product because you fix it a lot is not a good thing.

17 years later, and I still never forgot the guy who was so certain because of it's lack of appearances in a repair shop!!

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Actually It's a good rough guide

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to That's funny

The number's aren't solid of course but the split was about 40% each for ASP/JSP and PHP, with CF being the biggest of the remainder. I use it as a sort of indicator of what the pimps are looking for besides their cut.

Either there aren't many jobs on the market or there aren't many jobs.

Either ones no use to me when I'm hitting the end of a contract, course if I can persuade some one to use it I will and then it goes on my cv, but first I get a job.

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We aren't talking about the same thing

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually It's a good roug ...

I am referring to Macromedia's COld Fusion, it is not a replacement for ASP,JSP or PHP programmers, it is a tool used BY ASP, JSP and PHP programmers to interface the data with the website.

Macromedia devlops Dreamweaver too, this doesn't mean it competes with HTML, WHTML programmersm in fact it is just a tool used BY HTML, XHTML programmmers (and other web languagesof course).

Macromedia just streamlines and speeds up these processes bu leaps and bounds, any employers wet dream.

If you can code an active page and setup the server side scripts in 8 hours, it can be done in 2 or 3 hours by a decent Macromedia programmer.

THis doesnt mean you have to seek jobs that are hiring MM coders, in fact I have taken MM to several companies and they have in turn had the newly hired designers use it after seeing how quickly I could build the pages.

If a company has spearate image creators, copy collaborators, FLASH designers etc. THey can all work on the same site with it's integrated tools without even so much as a phone call. It offers collaboration between many users a check in/out feature for simplifying new changes to the site etc. All be different designers that don't even have to know each other.

Nobody else does this, even remotely as well as Macromedia, it's a rock solid leader by a LONG shot. Adobe tried a similar set of integration utilities to put Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator together, with the Go Live software but it flopped miserably.

MS tried it but couldn't even make the HTML editor a worthhwhle product with Front Page and it's suite of buggy tools.

NObody else has tried, unless you have used the MC suite, and really begin to understand how it works, it is simply something you can't possibly understand.

MM developers are in HUGE demand all over the place and make some serious money by the time they master the whole suite.

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It would seem so

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Actually It's a good roug ...

I just searched on some of the keywords and dreamweaver got the biggest result but that was only 136. PS I wasn't relying on pimps for technical knowledge LOL.

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