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Datagrids in .NET

By bytesmin ·
I have a datagrid that diplays information through a query, when the user edits the row, and changes the data in the field that was searched on,theat row still appears after the update link is clicked. Is there anyway to update the datagrid so that when the field searched on has a data change it refreshes and eliminates that row from that search?? Please help me!!!!

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Couple things....

by Master_Techie In reply to Datagrids in .NET

Hi Bytesmin, Do you refresh the grid regardless of the postback? Do you not write the changes back to the database? If you refresh the grid after the data edit, it should display the latest changes. Unless I am missing something... Please post the code you have for us to review, or email me directly at bhimanmanja@hotmail.com

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by abhijeet.gawde In reply to Datagrids in .NET

I would suggest that the fastest approach would be if you save the search Criteria and after editing a particular record call the RowFilter method of the DataView Object and Bind the DataView Object to the datagrid

This approach will reduced the 50% of your work of Request to the DataServer as only the Update Query will be called and the Data Retrival query can be bypassed.

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