dates in Xcel

By gwyn909 ·
As a genealogist I have to often put in dates that are before 1900. Is there plugin available for Excel to do this?

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A little more information

by Kingbackwards In reply to dates in Xcel

You can put any information you want into a cell. So you don't need plug-ins for that.

If you're having trouble with it formatting properly, select the cell(s), right click go to format cells. From there you select several different formatting options for dates so that it will display in the fashion you desire.

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dates before 1900

by gwyn909 In reply to A little more information

I have tried to put the date 8 November 1854 into excel and all I ever get is garbage. I have discovered that the open office spreadsheet does accept pre 1900 dates very nicely without having to run a macro. So It looks like I will have to go that route and chuck excel out the window.

However I have gone to the Spreadsheet page link and there seems to be a solution there. However, it has to be unzipped and set up and has a licence requirement.

Yes I will go Openoffice. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Free add ins

by Qus In reply to dates in Xcel

Try this link under add ins category:

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re: Dates

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to dates in Xcel

Unless you need to sort on the date column, you don't need to format the cells as a date. You can put any 'text' into a cell and force it not to try and recognize it as a date by preceding what you type with the ' character. For example, type the following into the cell:


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dates before 1900

by gwyn909 In reply to re: Dates

Unfortunately I have to sort according to date and as you have observed that this is not possible in Excel. It is, however, possible in Open Office.

Again Xcel has failed.

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Military format date

by oldbaritone In reply to dates in Xcel

The military format for dates is useful for this -
just use an integer of the form

so 12-Apr-2010 is

It's not too difficult to format for printing, and sorting is automatic. Leap years are not a problem; they're handled automatically by virtue of the format. And you could successfully go back to 1 A.D. without any issues. I don't think too many genealogical records go back that far...


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