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Davy Crockett died today

By NickNielsen ·

My sincerest condolences to his family.

If we ever needed proof the baby boomers are getting old, this is it.

I believe I'll go sit in a corner and face my own mortality.

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Saw that

by santeewelding In reply to Davy Crockett died today

Been so long that I was probably confusing my age with his. But, I was a kid like you when I watched.

I thought about it, too. And I realized that all about him, except Fess, were wringing their hands.

I am to the point where I won't be wringing mine, either.

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I remember that show

by AV . In reply to Davy Crockett died today

I still remember the theme song. Fess Parker was such a role model for young kids back then. He left a wonderful legacy.

Yeah, the baby boomers are getting old for sure. One by one, we lose our icons and legends and its a reminder of our own mortality.

We all have to face our own mortality one day, but try not to dwell on it too long. Can't do nothing about it. I like to look at it as moving on to a higher plane of existence.


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Sad, but very cool

by Michael Jay In reply to Davy Crockett died today

Portrayed as a man who always did what was right, even if some people did not like it.

The link shows that he lived his real life the same way, yes a role model, one that had a positive impact on the way I am.

Thanks Fess, you provided a great service to many then young Americans, and they grew up stronger and better for it.

Television, a power so great that it can only be used for good, or evil.

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