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"Day without Immigrants"

By Mickster269 ·
Has anyone noticed any changes today?

(For those of you outside the USA, Illegal immigrants and their allies were to gather today for marches, prayers and demonstrations on a planned national day of economic protest, boycotting work, school and shopping to show their importance to the country.)

Has anyone been affected?

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Lotta people in LA

by Dr Dij In reply to "Day without Immigrants"

downtown, main drag Wilshire Blvd, one of most heavily traveled streets in nation, will be shut down from downtown to la brea tarpits.

on news, some people who live there are leaving for the day as know they would be blocked otherwise. restaurants and stores in area shutting. It's a big area tho and this is a small part of it. Our biz is an hour drive away and my hispanic co worker did not take off. our plant workers are here too.

As the catholic bishop of LA pointed out to previous protesters, it doesn't help their cause to wave a mexican flag. Normal US people response is 'If you love it so much, why don't you go back there'. They're waving mostly american flags instead.

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Even with the new approach, this will backfire

by jdclyde In reply to "Day without Immigrants"

The last wave of marches had the Mexican flags waving, and many nutcases carrying signs saying this is "stolen land", blah blah blah.

This for some reason did not endear the plight of the criminals with the average working citizen with half a clue.

The new approach is to take on the American flag this time, showing that they want to become americans, even if they are not willing to follow our laws.

If there is a massive shutdown because of this "protest", I predict that the only thing this will do is act as a wake-up call to the legal citizens of this country that we have a bigger problem with criminals than we though, if they have been allowed to infiltrate us so completely that they could disrupt us even for a day.

Time to start cracking down hard on any and everyone that hires these criminals to work for them. If the off-the-radar jobs are gone, so will be the desire to come into this country illegally.

Also, many are starting to finally get the fact that "these illegals are doing jobs Americans won't" was and IS a direct insult on the LAZY Americans that are sniviling that they don't have a job, but REFUSE to do these jobs because they are somehow too good for these jobs.

Build the fence. A big one. Find an illegal, throw him back over. Each and every one. No trial, no hearing. You are not here legally, ship them out that day. SEEYA!

Overhaul the immigrations process. People looking for a better life that DON'T HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD that learn the language and want to intigrate in, should be able to get in. It should not be a six year process to get in.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Even with the new approac ...

they overload our health care system (many come across border simply to have babies for free with good US health care and for babies to be US citizens), drive without drivers licenses (or pay others to take drivers license test for them, very common in LA), drive without insurance.

also sadly, some mexican Santa Ana councilmen were hit in a sting, trying to extort local biz. I guess they get away with that in small mexican villages.

I'm all for people trying to find a better life, but breaking and entering into the US is not the way. terrorists are starting to use same way to get in. maybe the best thing would be for US to help mexico get same type of biz envt so they would have jobs there.

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Can't do that

by jdclyde In reply to sadly

The Mexican government is corrupt from top to bottom. Short of a "take over", there is no way that we could do anything to make Mexico a prosperous place.

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there's a way..

by Dr Dij In reply to Can't do that

what if we BOUGHT mexico? :)

keep it as a separate autonomous region, like Puerto Rico.

theyd' love it as they could all collect welfare, unemployment insurance, and fake back or carpal tunnel injuries and live on disability.

I'd settle for Baja.

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wonder what that would be

by jdclyde In reply to there's a way..
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From my inkjet pritner

by Dr Dij In reply to wonder what that would be

the gov't manages to print up made up money to pay for everything, a few more dollars wouldn't hurt, except for those on fixed incomes, the retired, the poor, and the average person. Who cares about those anyway?

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While living in the Bluegrass, it's not had much apparent effect yet-

by Mickster269 In reply to Even with the new approac ...

I'm thinking about boycotting the places that DO close today.

I support immigrants- heck, at one point my relatives immigrated to the US. But mine did it LEGALLY. That's where my gripe is. To support someone who has broken the law just doesn't make sense.

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The sad thing is

by TonytheTiger In reply to Even with the new approac ...

the reasons many people state for not wanting the immigrants here are not the fault of the immigrants, it's just that the influx exposes the flaws in our broken system, just as all of our social problems are as a direct result of the same broken system. And this isn't partisan... It's been broken for at least several decades. "The Government" cannot deal with it, and the more they try, the worse it gets.

These people are coming to the greatest land of opportunity on the planet. Just like when our ancestors came here (many of them illegally as well!).There's still lots of opportunity left. I've weighed and re-weighed this issue and have landed on the side of amnesty. Hopefully they'll keep on coming. Until the government finally figures out it shouldn't be in the people business, and stops imposing itself on all of us for the benefit of a few.

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You have that wrong

by jdclyde In reply to The sad thing is

you said the government CANNOT. In reality it WILL NOT.

Both sides are looking to buy voters with this deal, and there is NOT a "right" side to choose between Democrat and Republican. Both are wrong, just for different reasons.

Where is Bucannan when we need him? ;\

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