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Daylight Savings Time Login Issue

By IndyBob ·
After the recent change in daylight savings time, we have had problems with our logins on all XP SP2 machines. This isn't affecting 98 or XP SP1 systems. We use Novell Netware 6 and Novell client logins for both the Netware and Windows login. Through Novell, I have limited access to Novell logins until after 7:00 a.m. After DST went into effect, the users are not able to login until 8:00 a.m. The servers are all synchronized and the times are reporting correctly. The individual machine clocks show correctly in Windows (they also synch up with the servers upon successful Novell login). Any suggestions?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Daylight Savings Time Log ...

You might want to check to see if the time service is configure to use the Novell server as the NTP server.

This article carries a good discussion on the Time Service in XP:;en-us;307897&sd=tech

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by IndyBob In reply to

I have read this article and will try to turn off the Windows Time Service. I am thinking that since we synch up using the Novell servers, that maybe the Windows time service is setting a non-daylight savings time back in play upon restart??? For some reason the time is accurate after a successful Novell login, but before the login, the time seems to be reporting one hour slower and the server doesn't allow logins until one hour after they have been given permissions for.

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by Why Me Worry? In reply to Daylight Savings Time Log ...

If you are not already running NTP on your Netware servers, I would strongly advise that you do. It is quite simple to do actually. First, you need to setup a router that points to the internet to accept traffic over UDP port 123 (NTP). Next, setup one of your Netware servers as a Reference (not single reference) time server with a configured list that points to the IP address of the router. For example, if your router's IP address is, then setup your Netware server's configured list to point to; (the semicolon is an absolute requirement). At the server console, type SET TIMESYNC DEBUG=7 to pull up a debug screen which will show you if time is in sync. Once you get the reference server to sync up its time with the router over NTP, configure two other servers as primary time servers and setup their configured lists to point to the reference server's IP address..don't forget the :123; after every IP address. You can then setup other servers as secondaries and point their configured lists to the primary and reference server. Having working timesync is important for login and NDS directory health. If time is not in sync, you will have login problems and inconsistent NDS replicas because objects will differ across your NDS tree.

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by IndyBob In reply to

We already have this configured on the Netware servers. A single Primary server that gets the correct time from the web and all others are secondary servers that are synched to this primary. All workstations throughout the network show the same time after logging in successfully to the Novell server. The issue seems to be that somehow, prior to the Novell login, Windows is seeing the time as one hour earlier and users must wait an hour before Novell allows them to log in, thinking that the time is one hour sooner that reality.

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