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    DBA Technical Interview


    by frenchwood ·

    I have a small dilemma, i have applied for an internal DBA role (more money more prospects) my current role is application specific, however affords me a lot of use of the database that supports the app, and the organisation of it.

    I applied for the DBA role, and have had a preliminary interview to see if i am the right ‘type’ of person, which i passed with flying colours.

    I am now faced with a technical interview around Oracle DBA work, and i have no idea where to start with regards to what i know… any ideas??

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      Just Be Yourself

      by wayne m. ·

      In reply to DBA Technical Interview

      Congratulations. You have passed the first hurdle to a new position. Though it seems trite, just be yourself in the technical interview. For better or worse, you will not increase your technical knowledge in the next several days, so you will just have to go with what you have.

      In the interview, do not oversell nor undersell your abilities. If someone asks a question concerning an area you do not know about, do not bluff, but do prepared to explain how to find the answer. Hint: Talk to some of the other DBA-types at work and ask them where they find answers to problems. You can also look through the Oracle web-site, but do not use this as an easy way out – talk to the other DBAs.

      Do not be apologetic about lack of information. You have not done this job before, so do not be embarrassed about not knowing how to do it. As an interviewer, I would prefer someone knows an answer, but I also like then to show initiative by knowing how to find answers. If someone spends time explaining why he does not know the answer, it raises a concern with me as to how he will respond when confronted with a new problem. Show your “can do” side when answering your questions.

      Lastly, ask for a debrief at the end of the interview. Bluntly ask whether what strengths and weaknesses the interviewer sees. If you do not get the position (remember most positions have more than one applicant), you can improve yourself before the next opportunity. If you get the position, you know areas to work on to improve your performance in the position.

      By progressing to the technical interview, your company has shown confidence in you. Go into the interview and do your best, but place the interview in perspective. Regardless of the outcome, you will come out of the interview stronger than when you went in. You have passed the first step to acquiring a new position. Good luck in the technical interview.


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      by mirrormirror ·

      In reply to DBA Technical Interview

      Make sure that you are able to spit out the correct technical terminology. I know of people who have gotten passed over because they did not use technical terminology but gave answers in their own words.

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      Thanks Guys!!

      by frenchwood ·

      In reply to DBA Technical Interview

      Guess this is a kind of moral support post!

      I guess it’s because i’m application specific at the moment, and this is a big step in terms of career direction!

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