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DBA's etc...

By ianknapton ·
Reading again and again about the shortage of DBA's and in general Trained IT staff, I can only sit back and Laugh, the problem is with the IT industry.Many people start the long road to IT qualifications, but are put off by the IT industry as a whole, They will not look at anybody without at least 3 years experience. My advice would be is to step down from their ivory towers, stop whining and help themselves to the abundant talent out there.

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by LordInfidel In reply to DBA's etc...

Better have at least 3 years exeperience as one.

You just can't get out of school and say, "Hey I'm a DBA, hire me at 6 figures".

Generally a DBA will rise thru the ranks of either a SysAdmin with strong Programming skills, or more often, a Programmer who supports the DB.

Since I am one of those people in the Ivory Tower, I beleive that one should pay their dues and rise thru the ranks the same way I did.

Take a entry level job and prove yourself. Most of us in the ivory tower see what these schools churn out and our really turned off and repulsed by it.

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Man in The Ivory Tower

by ianknapton In reply to A DBA

You seem to have missed the point,
There seems to be no entry level, they just want experience, sometime or other you will have to take on students so Repunsal let down your hair.

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There are entry level positions

by LordInfidel In reply to Man in The Ivory Tower

You just have to look for them.

I did get the point you were trying to make, I just disagree with it.

Would you rather have someone who has worked with the DB platform for a while, or someone who has just read about it.

Being a DBA is much more then knowing the fundementals of the database. You have to be extremely creative and knowledgable about it.

A DBA's only role in life is to keep the DB running in an optimal state. Alot of times that means playing policeman to not only the programmers code accessing the DB, but also to the SysAdmins building the DB platforms.

You just can't have limited time and knowledge about it and expect to be a DBA. It just does not work that way, not unless they are some wonderboy genius, which if that was the case then they would not need to look for a job.

I equate it to the person who has never touched a router in their life, goes to one of those "camps", get's their ccna and then their ccnp and expects to be a Senior level netwk architect. It just bucks the order of things.

Taking on a student is alot different then putting them in a high ranking role. A DBA is up there on the totem pole.

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I agree with LordInfidel, but it takes time....

by seasoned In reply to There are entry level pos ...

and experience for a new IT person to recognize it. I have found the big difference between a newbie vs. a veteran IT employee is usually that of "tunnel vision". Although the newbie may have very excellent technical skills with their 1 or 2 layers of the software, they make assumptions about the other 4 or 5 layers of software/hardware. A "seasoned" IT person knows that that is not good enough to run a production system.
Therefore, the professionalism of the IT role is compromised.
My suggestion would be to find any IT job at a small to moderate sized company. That way, you will get to experience all IT tasks, from Customer Requirements to Recovery.

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by john_wills In reply to A DBA

Either "one should pay one's dues" or "they should pay their dues".

Of less importance: "believe", not "beleive": I before E/Except after C/Or when sounded like A/As in neighbor or weigh. Of course, the mnemonic should cover more than a a pure A sound, e.g. "heifer", and cover all S sounds, not just C, e.g. "seize", but then we couldn't make it rhyme.

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Me bee sorrie

by LordInfidel In reply to one

eyes bees too ingorant too spell tings corecttly.
givin mies lack of edumacataion. i never was no good at that spelling stuff. toos many letters ands rules makes me all confusining.

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Filling the wrong Liquid to the wrong hole

by noko In reply to DBA's etc...

Is a paper qualification really that important or the practical engines of application be more important? In today's world people are filling up their knowledge bottle with the wrong stuffs and blames the world for not being fair.

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