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DBFCDX DBV Data conversion

By sgon ·

I have to convert some datafiles from one application to MS ACCESS. The data files are:

apartments.DAT -->> DBF database file
apartments.CDX -->> Index file
apartments.DBV -->> Flexfile Format Memos.

I have tried to use some utils like WinDBU, epDUB, etc... but all of them says to me that the MEMO fields in the .DAT file are of type char(6) and not memo. I think it can be an offset in the DBV file, but ????

Any help?? All I want to do is to have the data in an Access database. Thanks

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DBFCDX DBV Data conversion

by VinnyD In reply to DBFCDX DBV Data conversio ...

DBF and CDX files to me normally mean Dbase 5 or Foxpro databases.

So are you sure you are using the correct format when opening the file?

One thing that always works for me with these types of files is to use the old program to save them as a Dbase III file. I have never had a problem using a Dbase III file for the import into access.

I have also used the option of saving DBF as an Excel file and then importing the Excel file into Access.

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DBFCDX DBV Data conversion

by sgon In reply to DBFCDX DBV Data conversio ...

Renaming the .DAT file to .DBF permits me to open the "DBF" file with any database manager (including Access). The problem are the MEMO fields. Normaly, the MEMO fields are stored in .DBT (DBase) or .FPT (Foxpro) files, but here I have a .DBV file storing the MEMO fields (I know this because viewing the file with a text editor I can see them). As I know .DBV is a format for MEMO files named FlexFile.

Also renaming the DBV file to .DBT or .FPT does not help.


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