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DC and GC Question

By keller ·

I have a 2003 single domain, all DC's are 2003. There are 13 sites in the
domain all connected by high speed reliable physical links. At each site
there are around 100 users amd at the corporate site there are around 500
users. I have 13 remote sites in all.

Currently i have only one GC server (headquarters), there is a DC at each
remote site. My question is does a DC have to talk to a GC everytime a user
logs onto the domain, and if so if this process is slow will this slow down
the log on process? Also does a DC at a remote site hold copies of all user
acounts and groups, or does a DC need to query a GC to get this info?

I need to find out the relationship between a GC server and a DC in a domain
so that i can determine if i need to install a GC server at each remote site,
or just a DC at each site.

Thanks very much for any help

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Your answer

by johnnywatt In reply to DC and GC Question

My suggestion is Yes- Install a GC at each location. Remember, your GC is used for authenticating users when they log on. Authentication over WAN links is likely to be slow. If there is 1 GC at your headquarters site, then your users in the other 12 locations will wait longer that those at primary (headquarters) location. If there is a GC at each location, then the logon response will be faster and the WAN links will be free to give priority to other types of communications. Does this answer your question?

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DC and GC Question

by gupnit In reply to DC and GC Question

Hi Keller,

See you have 13 sites with a Single Domain. It means that all your DC are Additional Domain Controllers.

You do not have to make DC in every site a GC. It is not required in your CASE......!!! I a single-domain forest every DC knows everything there is to know about the forest. In fact, the authenticating DC doesn?t need to contact a GC in a single-domain forest, because every DC in the forest already knows about all the Universal Groups that could possibly exist.

Please note that only certain AD aware applications need GC. So you need to make sure whether you have applications like Exchange Server in any site, if yes then for that site, you got to make the DC as a GC.

I hope I was able to give you some insight.

Here is a good link to guide you further ::

Hope this helps...let me know in case you need further information

Nitin Gupta (gupnit)

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