DC cannot ping domain computers

By aadams ·
I am running a 2003 active directory domain. I am able to join computers to the domain and users are able to successfully log in to the domain. The domain computers CAN ping the dc but the dc CANNOT ping the user pc's with a name or and address. I did have an old member server crash and is not off the domain but it was not running dns or dhcp. Why can the user pcs ping the dc but not the other way around. I am not running any firewalls as of yet due to testing.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DC cannot ping domain com ...

did you see this mskb article:**0/en-us
Cannot ping IP addresses after you enable Network Load Balancing on network adapter

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2003 server

by ctmoore1998 In reply to DC cannot ping domain com ...

Do the clients have firewall? that is what would prevent their ping response. XP's own firewall by default doesn't allow response to pings. Also check you IP configuration a incorrect default gateway or subnet mask may be the cause of the failed ping tests.

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DNS Server?

by Fred123456 In reply to DC cannot ping domain com ...

When you say can't ping, does pinging address itself work but not the pc name from the DC?

Just thinking the DNS for the DC nic card should be the same address as the DC itself.

I did that once a while ago when I manually changed the DNS of the server to my ISPs.

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by jmiesner In reply to DC cannot ping domain com ...

I have the exact issue. Only on one machine though.

DNS shows the correct addr forward and reverse

DHCP shows the leased addr. I watched it change when I had him /release /renew

IPCONFIG shows everything correct

we can mail/IM/share network (mapped internal network in domain)

He can Ping the DC and Me (he is in Germany and I am in US). He can print.

No firewall installed and windows firewall disabled and stopped.

I just can't see/ping him from local DC or DC in Germany (in his office about 50 feet away form him).

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Sure a firewall is working on your PCs

by alashhar In reply to DC cannot ping domain com ...

your problem is very simple, which a firewall is working in your PCs. check the following:

(1)Windows Firewall : by default it deny any PC or sever on the network to ping the pc

(2)antivirus: most of the antivirus products has firewall service and it is enabled by default. try to disable the antivirus firwall

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