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DC not demoted properly

By TprattBP ·
I manage a small Windows 2000 network (50 users). We had the only DC experience a multiple hard drive failure. It also acted as our only Exchange server (5.5). We were able to bring it back online long enough to promote a new server (Windows 2003) to be the DC. We then rebuilt the old server, forgetting to demote it as a DC first, reinstalled OS & Exchange 5.5 using the same name for the server. Now the new DC is trying to replicate with it causing NTDS replication event errors and NtFrs event warnings. The old DC still is shown in Active Directory Sites & Services, but, of course, it does not see itself as a DC. It's our ultimate goal to migrate Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 on a new Windows 2003 server & retire the old server or reformat it & use it only as a file server. But we would like to clean up the meta data that is still in AD before.
I tried to use NTDSUtil but when you get to step 15 it warns that the server that caused the orphan meta data should be offline & never brought online again.
What should we do? Can we use dcpromo and promote the old DC to a DC & then demote it? Or will that add to the problem?
Can we migrate Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003, drop the old server online, wait & test that the new Exchange is working fine; then use NTDSUtil to clean up the meta data; reformat the old server & bring it up using a different name?

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by CG IT In reply to DC not demoted properly

Use the NTDSUtil tool to clean up the meta database. Putting the DC back in will cause more problems that it will solve.

The Master roles were transfered to the new DC Windows 2003 server when you took the old DC out as the new server was the last server in the domain. All roles, schema, RID, PDC emulator, Infrastructure master, are not on the W2003 DC.

If you want to put the old server back in, do a clean install of Windows, join as a member server, then DC promo promote to a DC if you want another on. I would also put a GC on the additional DC, just in case the new one dies.

Exchange is tricky. I would have Exchange 2003 on a different box and move whats on 5.5 to 2003.

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by CG IT In reply to

geez can't type: what I meant to say was when you put the new W2003 DC in and took the old DC out, all operational master roles were transfered to the new DC as it's the last DC on the network. The schema master, domain name master, RID, PDC IM master roles and GC roles are all on the W2003 server.

Putting back the old DC would just cause more problems. Run the NTDSUtil to clean up.

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by TprattBP In reply to

Thank you for responding. Please clarify. When I run the NTDSUtil it warns that the server that caused the orphan meta data "must be offline and must not be brought online again." Are you saying that its ok to migrate the Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 (on a new server); then take the old server offline & use NTDSUtil? Since Exchange 2003 relies heavily on AD might this cause a problem?

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