DCOM Server security context

By ron ·
I have a DCOM Server Acivex EXE component that will launch but will not interact with the desktop seemingly no matter what I do to dcomcnfg on the server.

However, if I run the server in the VB debugger on the server box it works as it should. Poping up it's information form and it populates from the client.

Microsoft says that running a DCOM server in a debugger runs it in the security context of the logged-in user and bypasses the dcomcnfg settings.

Fine, but no matter what I do to the servers dcomcnfg settings whether launching as the launching user, the interactive user, or specifying the user via credentials changes my situation.

I am running the server and client on XP SP2 boxes on a peer to peer with crossover cable.

I am not going to deploy this software but use it strickly in house so I guess I could run it under the debugger if that's what I must do.

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