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    DCOM using RPC over HTTP


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    I am trying to use RPC over HTTP to connect a DCOM client on XP SP2 to a 2k3
    SP2 server. If I only select the Tunneling TCP/IP protocol, the client always
    fails with 800706ba, The RPC server is unavailable, and the event viewer
    message “DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer xxxxxx using any of
    the configured protocols”. If the Connection-oriented TCP/IP protocol is
    selected as second priority, then the connection is made using this and the
    server is activated successfully.

    When only Tunneling TCP/IP is enabled, there is not even an initial
    connection made to port 80 on the server. If I configure Outlook 2003 on the
    client machine to use RPC over HTTP to connect to the Exchange server via the
    same proxy server, then I see connection being made to port 80 with the

    RPC_IN_DATA /rpc/rpcproxy.dll?xxxxxx:6002 HTTP/1.1
    Accept: application/rpc
    User-Agent: MSRPC

    Are there any configuration changes that need to be made to get DCOM to make
    the RPC call over HTTP?

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