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    dde Word with Excel


    by jcalamis ·

    I recently purchased a new machine and installed Word and Excel 2003, with all the Windows XP Pro and Office updates. My merge documents are no longer finding the data sources on the new machine, or on my other XP Pro machine that I downloaded all the Windows and Office updates. My old machine, running W2k still works fine, as does my home machine running XP Pro, which is also running all the Windows and Office update.

    I have a Word doc (as a mail merge) connected to an Excel database. On the machines that work correctly, when I open the file I get the message “opening this document will run the following SQL command CONNECT*FROM {doc name and path}. When I answer yes to continue, the doc opens as does Excel, and the database is attached.

    On the machines not working, after I answer yes, it says “Word cannot fine data source”, and I need to manually re-connect through dde. If I save, close, and re-open, I still need to reconnect. Sometimes I must remove the headers before it will allow me to reconnect. This happens on all of my mail merge docs (which ran fine before I updated Windows and Office)

    Am I missing a switch/setting on the 2 machines?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The problem has brought my office to a standstill!

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