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DDNS, and Reverse DNS Zone problem

By dgemcse ·
Win 2000 DNS server with NO AD currently...still NT 4 PDC/BDC...

What issues will prevent clients from regiering dynamically with DNS? Seems the checkbox "Register this connection's address in DNS" AND "use this connections DNS suffix in registration" , under TCP/IP properties MUST be checked fro this to happen (along of course with DHCP updating the DNS server, and allowing updates dynamically with the DNS server)...all that is set up, and SOME of the cliesnt actually update correctly. Seems those checkboxes are not checked on a vanilla installation. DOes that mean the DHCP server is somehow NOT snednig that info in the DHCP ack?
should the rverse dns zone get any of this information? I have a unique situation where Unix servers will need to use the reverse DNS to find hosts (Unix DB going back to a Winhost)...

Looked alot but can;t find much on this specific question.

What kind of screw up can I have here, and should check for to see why..
1. DDNS does NOT update ALL of my DHCP clients in the primary zone..(some not all)
2. Why do I not see nay PTR records in the Reverse zone (I can of course do static entries, and will have to of course for the Unix boxes, unless someone has a trick to DDNS them too...they are NOT DHCP of course)

Does reverse DNS alo receive DDNS, and should I be seeing any kind of activity like this>?

Would be nice to have this happen with the Win servers, and clients that ARE DHCP.


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by CG IT In reply to DDNS, and Reverse DNS Zon ...

interesting problems. What O/S are the workstations that do not register their connections with DNS?

Is the DNS option are set in DHCP?

are there any other DNS servers on the LAN?

I know at one point UNIX boxes on a Windows network needed WINS running.

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by dgemcse In reply to DDNS, and Reverse DNS Zon ...

Mac, and various win os' rhyme or reason as to why they do not update, some macs, and some windows do , BUT NOT ALL...all one subnet...

Should you actually SEE updates through DDNS to the Reverse lookup zone??

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by CG IT In reply to DDNS, and Reverse DNS Zon ...

is DNS intergrated with DHCP?

the query would be [PTR] Reverse lookup who is DNS would respond based upon the PTR <host 1 => because the query is for a PTR reverse lookup DNS provides the fully qualified name <ip address>.in-addr-arpa appending the domain name to the end of reverse address.

Mix of O/Ss and MACs there are some restrictions in a TCP/IP network. if they are pre W2K you need to run WINS as pre W2K O/S use NetBIOS over TCP/IP to find hosts. Other older MAC O/Ss also require NetBIOS over TCP/IP to located hosts on the network

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