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    ddr 2


    by armandofreyre ·

    is a ddr pc3200U ddr 200 the same as a ddr 2? and if not, can i install 2 one gig modules of the above, alongside with 2 1 gig ddr 2’a ?

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      by armandofreyre ·

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      by thechas ·

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      With the exception of a very few motherboards, you cannot mix DDR and DDR2 on a system.

      DDR DIMMs have 184 pins for connecting.

      DDR2 DIMMs while the same physical size as DDR (and SDRAM) have 240 pins.

      In addition, the keys in the connector edge are different for SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 so that you cannot mix them.

      Further, you are suggesting installing 6GB of RAM on your system. Even if the motherboard would recognize all of the RAM, unless you are running a 64 bit version of your operating system there is a physical limit of 4GB of addressable RAM space for 32 bit operating systems.

      Even if you can install 4GB of RAM, Windows cannot make use of all of that RAM. Depending on your system and video card, the upper 750 MB to 1.5GB of address space is used for system tasks. Therefore, the most RAM you should install with a 32 bit OS is 3GB.

      If you do feel the need for more RAM, start with the manual for your system / motherboard and verify what type and how much RAM the motherboard can address.


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        On some motherboards,

        by tonythetiger ·

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        there is a performance penalty if there are an odd number of (or different sized) modules installed. As cheap as memory is, I’d still install 4 gig even if I couldn’t use all of it.

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