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DDR Memory

By wennock ·
I have a P4 2.8 Pc that has two 256 DDR modules. The system seems to have problems running games and so on. When the DDRs are installed next to each other on the motherboard. But if I install them in spot 1 and 3. The system seems to be fine.
I am not really sure why this is both DDRs are the same type but by different manufacturer?
Am I putting the system at risk not installing the memory side by side?

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by LiamE In reply to DDR Memory

Simple answer is no, you cant damge the pc by installing the modules in 1 & 3 instead of 1 & 2.

As to why fitting in 1 & 2 is a problem, well firsly check that slot 2 isnt damaged in anyway, all the connectors are staight and that its free of dust and hairs and the like. There is an outside chance that the problem with 1 & 2 is that that their proximity is causing heat problems though I have never seen that in systems that havnt been aggressively overclocked. If they are indeed running hot consider postioning a fan to increase air circulation over the chips.

If its neither of those its probably down to a manufacturing fault with the MB leading to slightly incorrect voltage regulation when slots 1 and 2 are in use or something similar.

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by OTL In reply to DDR Memory

Normally placing the ram in segregated slots will invalidate the one in 3/4. What does your system say for total ram installed when the modules are in 1 & 3 ? (256 or 512?) This would indicate a mismatch problem with the ram. (ie - 1 stick is 50 ns +/-2 and the other is 51 ns +/- 3, one is outside the operating parameters of the other and would cause strange system operations)

BTW - Have seen systems so finicky that would only work with a specific simm in slot 1 and the ram was OEM for the PC !

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by wennock In reply to DDR Memory

What ever combination it always counts up the memory correctly. As it happens one stick came with the system and the other was bought after.
Things seem to be ok with one stick in if a bit slow.

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by willcomp In reply to DDR Memory

Do you by any chance have a mobo with dual channel memory support? If so, will be 4 DDR slots with slots 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 paired together. Dual channel usually requires two identical sticks or RAM to operate properly.


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by dmiles In reply to DDR Memory

No,you are not at risk by placing the modules side by side

The set up that you are using usually is setup for dual channel DDR

They may appear to be the same but may have a different case latency,which has different speed that could cause this or it may be the games check the minimum requirements

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