DDR2 single-sided/double-sided: what is better choice?

By askhan09 ·
Hello Everyone,

i have HP dc5750 (AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+) and want to upgrade memory to 2GB. my system support PC2-6400 800Mhz with dual-channel mode.
i want to know whether sigle-sided is better or double-sided in terms of performance as my system supports both.

Looking forward for a quick replies.


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RAM Density

by TheChas In reply to DDR2 single-sided/double- ...

Generally speaking, with the same speed, capacity and CAS latency, both single sided and double sided RAM modules should perform about the same.

There may be slightly less power consumption, (emphasis on slight) with single sided RAM.

A double sided RAM module uses lower density (fewer MB per chip) than single sided RAM.

If your mother board supports both, I would go with the brand I was more comfortable with, or the one that is least expensive.

Just make sure to check ALL of the specifications when comparing your choices of RAM modules.

The clock speed and the CAS latency will have a much larger impact on system performance than the density will.


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by askhan09 In reply to RAM Density
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In addition to the above answer you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to DDR2 single-sided/double- ...

Need to have 2 Identical Sticks of RAM Present to get the best performance out of a Dual Channel Setup.

If you do not use 2 Identical Sticks of RAM the system reverts to Single Channel Mode and is slower as it is only utilizing 50% of the available FSB.


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