ddr2 vs ddr3

By Snuffy09 ·
are there any major differences in performance in these types of memory? worth the price difference anyways?

im looking at ddr2-1066 vs ddr3-1333


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by tintoman In reply to ddr2 vs ddr3

As stated in the reviews you linked to "the two are not compatible" therefore whichever type your motherboard supports is the one you must use!

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Beware

thanks, i know this.

I was just wondering if the price/performance ratio was worth it. i didn't see a big difference "on paper" with the ddr2 1200 vs ddr3 1333.

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I would vote no

by Slayer_ In reply to indeed

Really, there is only a marginal difference in feel between DDR3 and SIMM RAM. You can notice some difference in high performance applications like photoshop or gaming, but thats about it. The biggest bottleneck, still is, HDD speeds.

In contrast, Video card RAM speeds are very important.

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Well my take on this is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ddr2 vs ddr3

That the systems that use DDR3 are faster than the systems that use DDR2 RAM. They execute commands faster at the Machine Code Level and generally fly in comparison to the older systems.

However this could be because of faster CPU's or the different M'Board Architecture. Currently the only systems that I have built using DDR3 RAM have been i7 Based Systems that show 8 Working Cores when running some form of Windows and more importantly Triple Chanel RAM .

The DDR2 Systems have all been the Socket 775 Duo CPU Based Systems which use Dual Chanel RAM so it's not a fair compression. The faster systems also have HDD which use more L2 Cache on the HDD so the HDD Bottle Neck isn't quite so noticeable when you are using Memory Intensive Applications.

I'm sure that the 775 systems could use the 1 TB + Drives with the larger L2 Cache but the people who pay for them don't want to need the bigger HDD's that are used with the bigger faster and much more expensive systems. So it's not a fair test of the actual Speed of the RAM.

The biggest issue however is still the Data Transfer to & from the HDD and currently the Drive Makers are attempting to hide this shortfall by using ever increasing amounts of L2 Cache on the HDD so that they seem to perform faster.


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