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    DDS1 tape drive


    by pcash ·

    can anyone suggest an external 4mm Tape drive that will read/write DDS1 format 4mm 2 gig uncompressed / 4 gig compressed tape.

    I have a rack mount server no room for tape drive. I will be running Linux and the backup software is EDGE.


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      by toivo talikka ·

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      Have you checked the Device Compatibility link from

      DDS1 was very popular 10 years ago but now it is quite obsolete. Are you sure you can still buy new cartridges? I’d go for DDS2 as the minimum. The HP DDS2 drives were still able to read DDS1 tapes even though they couldn’t write to them.

      Don’t forget to get cleaning cartridges, too.

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      by pcash ·

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