Dead hard drive

By jackh8750 ·
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Hello, My hard drive is dead, not recognized in BIOS and does not make any sound, what should I do? Any way to get the files and pictures back from the Hard disk?

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data recovery

by Karel.izaax In reply to Dead hard drive

Yes, there is a way to recover data- you go to software recovery specialist to regain the lost data. I would recommend Data Recovery Services

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Get a computer repair service

by jamesandbennie In reply to Dead hard drive

Usually, if the disk cannot be recognized in BIOS, a data recovery software may not be able to recovery the data. This is physical damage. You'd better get a computer repair store or something.

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If the drive can not be recognized

by OH Smeg In reply to Dead hard drive

A software solution is not the answer you need a Hardware Solution and the best I've ever dealt with was Kroll On Track who if necessary can read data directly off the platters of the HDD.

Though this is not a cheap option and can cost a lot of money but provided that the Platters have no Physical Damage all the data is recoverable.

The question now is do you want to pay to have it recovered?

A few years ago they ran an advertizing campaign telling people how they recovered Data off a Drive that was on Colombia when it was destroyed and the life of the drive after the failure of Colombia. How it flew into a swamp at high speed sat covered in water and god only knows what for 6 months before it was discovered and then at some point in time latter they where given the drive to work their magic on.

I’ve give them a drive that was dropped 3 stories or so and had everything recovered within a little over 30 hours. The company who owned the drive was only 1 hour late for a Tax Audit and yes the cost of the recovery was a Tax Deduction and even with the large amount paid for the recovery it still saved them a lot of money.

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Windows Data Recovery

by susanhsullivan In reply to Dead hard drive

As per my experience, you can easily and comfortably get back your invaluable files and information by Recover Data for Windows Data Recovery Software. Because it provides assured recovery within couple of minutes. It maintains data accuracy. If you are facing any problem related to lost of windows data then use this recovery software.
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Data Recovery Software

by symondsa In reply to Dead hard drive

This is general problem for Windows user so I will suggest you to use Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software. It is secure and certified Software and can recover corrupted, deleted and formatted Windows hard drive.

This software is supported by all Windows OS. Before purchasing this software you can download free trial version.

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Windows Data Recovery

by lennymabrys In reply to Dead hard drive

Get Windows Data Recovery Software is best and effective software to recover every types of corrupt and delete Windows file and recover corrupt hard disk data from corrupted or damaged Windows hard drive files You can also recover FAT/NTFS partitions, formatted, re-formatted Windows partitions in few mouse clicks.

Go through:

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there is no better solution

by slzf81950 In reply to Dead hard drive

The only solution is looking for data recovery services and hire an expert to help you.
the fee will be high and you need to evaluate lost data.
if your drive can be detected by computer, then you can use free hard drive recovery software to get backup data.
good luck

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