Dead laptop

By FordTrucker97 ·
I have a hp dv6000. running vista. i can't get it to go to the post screen. it turns on, lights come on then turns off nothing on the screen. i have tested memory battery and charger. when the power cord is plugged in i see the charge light for about 30 seconds then turns off. i'm thinking dead mobo any other things i can do to test. i was also thinking about reseating the cpu and taking out the cmos battery.

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Check this out

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dead laptop

You may be covered by the Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program HP Pavilion dv6000

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Had the same prob...

by JJRichey In reply to Check this out

I had the same prob w/ a Toshiba. I opened it up and it turned out a part on the mobo had gone pfffffft (thats a technical term right?). I would just sending it back to HP if you are still carried under warrenty at all. If you are tech savy you could order a replacement mobo, there are several online sources. They usually run about $150-200 dollars though.

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Have you tried...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dead laptop

... pulling out the laptop battery, plugging in the cord and try booting without the battery? NOTE: I said the laptop battery, NOT the CMOS battery. It's the one that's easy to get to, big heavy thing.

If that doesn't work, try HP's customer service under warranty. Perhaps the power supply or something else has fried. Just don't go messing around with things until you've contacted them to see if you're covered. You'll invalidate any warranty still in place if you start playing around.

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