Dead Laptop Motherboard?

By craigspowerlink ·
I have a HP Pavillion dv600 that will not boot up. All that happens when the power cord is plugged in or if it's running off the battery is:
1: The led lights that control the dvd drive
light up and make sounds.
2. The led light comes on when the ac powerplug is plugged in.
3. The wifi led light is orange, but stays that way if it's switched on or off.
4. There is no sound coming from the laptop when the power is turned on,
5. No sounds from the hard drive either.
6. No post screen, the screen stays black when the power is turned on no matter if running from battery or ac.
7. I have removed the 1 of 2 memory chips and tried powering up the laptop, nothing happens when running by either battery or ac.

Thanks for your help.

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Check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dead Laptop Motherboard?

You may be covered by the Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program HP Pavilion dv6000


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Dead Laptop Motherboard?

by craigspowerlink In reply to Check this link

Thanks for the link, I checked it out, but my laptops service# doesn't fall in with the affected models.

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That's a bummer

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dead Laptop Motherboard?

When the computer is turned on, the power light is turned on.

If the computer and the power light are not turned on when you press the power button, adequate power may not be available to the computer.

The suggestions below may help you determine the reason the computer will not start up:

If the computer is plugged into an AC outlet, verify that the AC outlet is providing adequate power by plugging another electrical device into the outlet.

If the computer is running on battery power or is plugged into an external power source other than an AC outlet, plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. Make sure the power cord and AC adapter connections are secure.

If the computer is running on battery power:

Remove the primary battery pack and travel battery pack (if applicable) and plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. If the computer starts up, one of the battery packs may need to be replaced.

If the battery light on the front of the computer is blinking, the battery pack has reached a lowbattery condition, which may not allow the computer to start up. Plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter to start the computer and allow the battery to charge.

Check the movement of the Lid Actuator switch

The Lid Actuator switch is a small button or switch located above the keyboard near the hinge for the LCD. Pressing this switch when the computer is on may turn the notebook display off, or it may cause the notebook to enter a different power state.

Press the switch 2-3 times while observing the display. If the display does not return to normal brightness when the switch is released, the switch may be sticking and need to be repaired. If the display turns off when the switch is pressed, the power management function may be set to hibernate or turn off when the lid is closed.

HP Notebook PCs - Notebook Does Not Startup or Boot Displaying a Blank Screen


I would give the inside of the case a blowout with compressed air. When blowing air through the fans make sure that you physically stop them from spinning, as they may generate power and **** something up. Remembering to ground yourself by placing the back of your hand on the Power Supply Unit or a metal part on the PC and not moving your feet. By not taking this precaution it is possible that you could inadvertantly cause damage to the PC from an electrostatic discharge. Then remove the Heatsink, giving it a thorough clean and reseat the CPU applying new CPU grease. If the Fans spin freely when you give them a spin they are probably OK. If there is resistance replace them.

Clean the Cooling Vents

Depending on the model, vents can be found on the side, back, and/or bottom of the notebook PC. These vents allow air to flow through the PC and keep it cool. Buildup inside these vents impedes the cooling process.

Clean I/O Ports

The back of the notebook PC has a series of ports. After cleaning the cooling vents, take the compressed air and **** out any debris that may have accumulated in and around these ports.

Clean the golden edge of each memory stick with a soft rubber/eraser, remembering not to touch the golden edge of the memory stick. Check with one stick at a time, remembering to disconnect the power from the PC.

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Just maybe

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dead Laptop Motherboard?

If you remove and then refit the RAM it may work. Sometimes the Contacts get dirty and stop working so removing and refitting them often cleans them enough to continue working.

If this has an effect turn off remove the RAM and clean the Gold Edges with a soft Rubber/eraser and then refit without touching the Gold Edges of the RAM.

It's a bit of a long shot but it may prove useful.


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Just maybe

by craigspowerlink In reply to Just maybe

I tried cleaning the RAM as instructed, but, the exact same thing happens.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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by butkus In reply to Just maybe

Try calling the company. They sometimes have tricks (undo battery, plug in and hold certain keys when powering up) that reset the BIOS.

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