Dead Mobo

By vbiaka ·
Can anyone help me. My Mobo is as dead if I
switch it off/shutdown for long time. To turn
it on (to be able to boot) I would have to
power it on and off at least 10 times


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by Choppit In reply to Dead Mobo

Have you eliminated your power supply as a cause? If the problem really is your motherboard and it started to work, would you trust it? Probably time to replace it.

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Three things to check,

1). Power supply.

2). Processor (incl, heatsink and fan)

3). Memory chip(s).

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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by TheChas In reply to Dead Mobo

This does sound like one of the behaviors for bad filter capacitors.

If you have eliminated the power supply and other hardware, it is time to inspect the motherboard.

Look at the filter capacitors (round silver topped parts) near the power connector and CPU socket. If any of them have rounded over tops, or a liquid leaking out the bottom, then failed capacitors is the problem.

Unless you have the correct soldering tools, and are skilled at removing components from multi-layer circuit boards, this is not a do it yourself task.

Further, if one cap shows the physical signs, you should go ahead and replace them all.

It is usually much easier and cheaper to find a new motherboard.


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