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dead mother board battery

By jlrratman ·
If my mother board battery is dead, will my pc boot? Will I be unable to get a vidio picture?

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by TheChas In reply to dead mother board battery


A weak motherboard battery can cause problems long before the voltage drops to zero.

First, you will loose your BIOS settings if the power is ever turned off to the PC.

Next, the battery voltage can drop to a level that causes the logic in the CMOS memory to switch to an unknown state. This can totally mess up the BIOS settings.

If you know for certain that the battery is bad or weak, it is best to replace the battery ASAP.


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by JamesRL In reply to dead mother board battery

With motherboards that do autodetect, you may be able to boot. I have had a dead battery and be able to boot with the built in video. Your MB may have a jumper to enable or disable on board video - and while you may have luck with a AGP slot detecting the video card ok, you might be safer with onboard.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to dead mother board battery

so with the guys having answered your question, i am wondering: is this a desktop, laptop or what? compaq, ibm, dell, HP, nobrand? you got a dead box, or alive box with no video, or what--? i think box would likely boot at least to 'BIOS checksum bad-loading default settings Press enter to continue' txt prompt on black screen, with NO battery installed (like Chas said-not bad battery, NO battery).
can you hear hd spin up? fans whir? lights flash? hear beeps? have you tried another monitor? having no video really makes it hard to tshoot anything. can you try another video card? you also might be hung at 'no keyboard detected' or similar.

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by AcesKaraoke In reply to dead mother board battery

Had the same problem with my old 386, but my battery was soldered on the board so no real hope of replacement. First, replace the battery. I had to get the model number off my hard drive, yes if your system is old you may have to open the case, and contact the manufacturer for all my sectors, cylinders, and heads info (pre-auto detect HD system). With that information you can enter the BIOS program, look for a flash screen during boot up for hot-key access, find where your hard drive paarameters are stored in BIOS and enter the information from your hard drive manufacturer. Save settings and reboot you should boot and your OS should be able to handle everything else including video. Once you get this PC running again, be sure to keep your BIOS settings written down for future reference in case of disaster.

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by cglrcng In reply to dead mother board battery

Just for further info...Most old 386's & 486's that had soldered batteries did have a secondary way to install an add in battery after the installed soldered battery went dead and the board mfg's. sold a battery kit (usually a plug in rectangular battery). Raio shack still carries them as I replaced 1 last week for a customer.

Most will boot once connected to power source, but if you shut down you will have to go into CMOS and reset settings on re-boot. if in doubt replace that less than $3.00 battery.

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