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Dead pc, but On button lights up

By badboycavalier ·
The motherboard led lights up, and the power button will light up when it is pressed, but nothing powers up. What could this problem be???

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dead pc, but On button li ...

Virtually anything from a dead M'Board to a bad power supply.

First thing to do is swap out the PS and try it again and if that doesn't fix the problem reduce the system to the minimum just a video card CPU 1 stick of ram and clean out the case as a lot of dust and other rubbish finds its way in. Remove everything but the CPU/M'Bpords and look for sings of corrosion on the contacts. If there is any rubbing these contacts with an eraser will generally clean them up. Sometimes just removing and reseating the parts will cure the problem but work wit a minimum of parts and keep replacing things until it stops working. You will then have the bad part.

But remember with an ATX PS there is always voltage to the M'Board so just an LED lighting doesn't mean that the PS is OK as they only require a very small voltage to work and the PS may not be putting out enough power to make the unit run.


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