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Dead SOLO battery?

By kbert5 ·
SOLO P450, two years old. Always used as desktop replacement on AC.
Recently, while moving, unplugged adapter for about a week without
removing the modem. Now machine wont boot on battery. Status indicates
"0% remaining (charging)." Status doesn't change no matter how long AC is
connected.. Charging LED comes on green when first plugged in,
immediately changes to orange (charging) but turns off after a few
minutes. Never noticed a Low Battery alert.

Is this likely to be a battery issue or a failure of the charging circuit?

This Gateway laptop is Model 2150. Replacement batteries are hard to find. Batteries are available for Models 2100 and 2200 but they do not fit the 2150.


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Dead SOLO battery?

by TheChas In reply to Dead SOLO battery?

You are correct, the battery has failed.

Specifically, the battery has a "memory" failure where it refuses to take a charge.

You might be able to recover some functionality by connecting a 100 ohm resistor across the battery to completely discharge it, and then using a bench charger or power supply to "force" current into the battery.

Search for batteries on the web, there are many sources for "3rd party" batteries.

There may even be a local firm that "rebuilds" battery packs.

Toavoid this, you should run the unit off the battery at least once a month, and allow the battery to discharge.


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Dead SOLO battery?

by kbert5 In reply to Dead SOLO battery?

This prompt and informative reply is much appreciated.

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Dead SOLO battery?

by kbert5 In reply to Dead SOLO battery?

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