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Dealing with annoying coworkers

By Why Me Worry? ·
This one guy I work with is the biggest pain in the *** I ever encountered in my professional career as an I.T. Engineer. This guy is a certified workaholic in his 40s', is not married, has no kids, and definitely has no social life of any kind. He can work 12-14 hour days straight and has been known to sleep in the office at times. But, that is not what bugs me about him. This guy is nosy and needs to ask me every 5 minutes what I am working on and has a bad habit of putting every single phone conversation on speakerphone, annoying not only me but everyone else in my immediate vicinity. I could tell him to **** off, but since he is in cahoots with the I.T. Director, it will only backfire in my face and make me look like the bad guy. Also, this guy has a habit of tinkering with things and screwing them up, yet is very good at pointing fingers at others and avoiding being blamed. He is good at taking credit for the work of others, but loves to make others, me being one of them, fix the problems he introduces into the system due to his carelessness. I have considered approaching HR about this guy, but as I stated previously, I fear this will backfire against me and result in my termination, not his. This guy is not my manager, yet he feels he has the right to dictate to me what I do and how I do it, and is quite arrogant about it as well. I see that my only option would be to leave this company to get as far away from this guy because bringing up this issue will only hurt me. Has anyone ever encountered such a situation? How would you deal with this guy? He is seriously affecting my ability to do my job and is becoming a major source of stress and frustration for me.

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Dealing with annoying co-worker

by n.salooja In reply to Dealing with annoying cow ...

I feel your pain since i used to deal with someone like that too. But he didnt really had a good relationship with IT director so it kinda out in my benefit. I ended up telling the director everyone off the record and they took action against it. Now he is planning on retiring by end of this year. My advice to you will be depending on how the enviornment is talk to your Boss off the record.

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I've considered it, but it will only hurt me

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Dealing with annoying co- ...

They love this guy because they work him like a dog and he does not seem to complain about it. They even have to force him to take vacations because the guy simply has no concept of life. He lives to work, not works to live unlike the rest of us. I am afraid that even off the record, it will backfire against me because I have already gotten a poor performance eval second year in a row because my managers feel that I should be more like him. Over my dead body will I become a workaholic jackass like him because I have a wife and a personal life besides my career. I work to live and pay my bills, I don't live for the purpose of spending every day of my life in the office.

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What a nutter!!

by Montgomery Gator In reply to I've considered it, but i ...

rzan said: "They even have to force him to take vacations because the guy simply has no concept of life. He lives to work, not works to live unlike the rest of us"
The guy in question sounds totally off his rocker. Anyone who is a "workaholic" has a serious mental problem. I do my fair share of work, put in a good 8 hour day (occasionally extra when needed, and make up by taking off early other days), but I cannot understand the mentality of people who would rather be at work than having time off to enjoy life.

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You said it right..the guy has no social life

by Why Me Worry? In reply to What a nutter!!

He has nothing to do at home, so he spends his weekends either sitting in the office and working, or sitting at home and working remotely via a VPN connection into his PC. This prick even calls me on weekends for mundane and stupid things which I don't care to bother myself with. Instead of dealing with issues, he instructs his subordinates, who we call Network operators and work 24 hour shifts, to call me at all hours of the day (2am, 3am, 4am, etc) simply because he does not want to deal with it. I have to unplug my phone from the wall at night so that I get a decent amount of sleep and not look like a zombie when I come in to work. It's bad enough this guy is a major workaholic geek, but he is annoying me on my weekends, time which I need to catch up on lost sleep and rejuvinate myself. This asshole even called me on my cell when my wife and I were on vacation and I explicitly stated that I will be on vacation and will NOT be answering emails or voicemails. If someone is on vacation, I don't bother them no matter what the problem is. That's why we have backup people to step in for the ones who are out of the office. A little work ettiquette and respect goes a long way, but this freak simply doesn't get it and thinks I am his long time buddy that he can annoy at 2:00am.

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by Absolutely In reply to You said it right..the gu ...

Can you get records from your telephone provider of these late night calls on your vacation? If I were your employer, I'd find it very difficult to ignore that level of intrusion, especially after you specifically instructed your colleagues that you were on Vacation Time and Not To Be Disturbed. Even if Mr. Prozac is a friend of management, they must knot that is a line that is not to be crossed, without exception.

Keep a cool head while explaining to all involved parties that you're completely willing to fulfill your job description expertly, but that you are entitled to really be free from work-related issues while on vacation. Also, when asleep in the middle of the night you should not be disturbed, unless it is a life-or-death situation that nobody present has the competence to solve. Maybe a massive conversion or implementation project with an immediate deadline, but not on a regular basis.

Also, in a conflict of interests with a workaholic, you're better off not mentioning your "work to live, not live to work" philosophy. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying that in the context you're better off emphasizing the un-professional aspects of Mr Prozac's behavior than his unusual willingness to be at the office for extended periods. A more effective approach would probably be: "I get my work done in the time allotted because I don't goof off doing irrelevant CS 101 tinkering projects". It sounds like your nemesis is one of THOSE.

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They abuse the concept of "24/7 on call"

by Why Me Worry? In reply to documentation?

The cell phone I have that was provided to me by my employer has turned into more of a nuisance than a tool for emergency only use. The problem is that my work contract stated that my work hours are to be consistent with the firm's needs, which is fine by me and fully warranted, but come on, I am human, I need rest, and to annoy me on my vacation time is simply rude and obnoxious, whether or not I have my cellphone on me or not. If I were to go on vacation outside of the U.S.A., I bet they would get me a GSM cellphone and force me to have it with me so that they may contact me in the event of an "emergency". Well, what constitutes an emergency? Lately, every stupid little thing is an "emergency to them". I've simply stopped answering my cell phone or have to make up excuses about poor service to justify why I did not return their calls. Just because the Mr. Prozac has no social life does not mean I have to follow in his footsteps and be constantly checking my email or worrying about the status of our network. I'm not complaining about the requirements of my job, as I was fully aware what I was getting myself into, but let get realistic here, there comes a point where one crosses the line and starts abusing his/her position and in the process, starts to aggravate his/her fellow employees.

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Just a little advice

by mhambrecht In reply to They abuse the concept of ...

I suggest that you take it to HR like you have thought of doing. However, do it in a by the book professional manner. Just from some of the things you have mentioned you may hay have legitimate claim of harassment. Even though you on call 24/7. Also you say you are worried about how turning him in might affect your career. How is that any different in how he is hurting your career now? Think about it. He disturbs your sleep habbits so you aren't well rested and performing at your best, he is finding ways to blame you for his mistakes and taking credit for your achievements. I would call all of that hurting my career. As long as you have been deligently doing your job, showing up on time, not going home early, not being absent unless necessary and getting your work done in a reasonable time frame I see no reason that company won't listen to you. Just approach it from an unemotional standpoint and you should be successful

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Find a new job...

by brian.giordano In reply to I've considered it, but i ...

Seems to me like you need to find a new job. I don't care how much I am being paid to do a job - if I don't like the work environment and the people I work with on a daily basis, then it is not worth it to me.

In this day and age, you need to find a new job before quitting the job you already have, especially when you have a family to support and work in the I.T. field.

Stress will ruin your life - trust me, you only have one option and that is to find a new job and leave the stressful situation that you are in.

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I agree but it's easier said than done

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Find a new job...

What I have in terms of experience and certification in Novell I lack in the Windows realm and to my dismay, Novell is heading in the same direction as Cobol and Mainframes in the corporate world. I am training and picking up as much as I can in Windows and AD, but without the experience of managing Windows and AD, I am having a hard time finding work elsewhere because I am seen as a "Novell guy". Another problem, if you choose to see it as such, is that I earn way above market for what I do and when speaking to technical recruiters about my annual salary, they are stunned to hear I am earning that much. I simply will not settle for a lower paying job because I won't be able to pay my bills and mortgage, and being a married man, I am way past the point of taking temp or consulting jobs with no benefits. My next logical step is management, but then again, who wants to hire a senior engineer with no management experience? I'm sure I can do well, but who will entrust me to such a position?

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by mhambrecht In reply to I agree but it's easier s ...

Try Clear Channel communications they use some novell.

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