Dealing with IE8 false dns errors

By mattohare ·
I notice that IE (version 8 in my case) puts up a bogus DNS error. The internet connected and I can get to pages on the site in question.

The link is:

It should redirect to:

Anyone else have to work around the issue?

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by TobiF In reply to Dealing with IE8 false dn ...

A redirect may work or not. But in what way is DNS involved?
If you go to the first address and then get a redirection, there won't be any second dns lookup, since you already have a fresh entry in your dns cache.

By the way, for me the redirection works fine in both IE8 and Opera. (I'm on a Vista right now)

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Couple of causes for this

by robo_dev In reply to Dealing with IE8 false dn ...

Malware, corrupt add-ins, and the bizarre bugs (Microsoft calls them "features") of IE8.

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Followup: Works now

by mattohare In reply to Dealing with IE8 false dn ...

This is one of those odd cases where IE performed properly, and the others didn't. My server-side code was doing the redirect, but it was sending the status on the resulting page. I intended the status for the redirect reply itself.

IE saw the status code for a permanent redirect and tried to do that redirect. The server did not provide a URL for the destination, so it ignored the content and gave a DNS error. (To be fair, the error message wasn?t accurate so IE did get that part wrong.)

The other browsers simply served up the content and pretended that it wasn?t a redirect.

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So you were using status 301

by TobiF In reply to Followup: Works now

So you were using status 301, rather than 302?

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New Website Layout, URLs Changing

by mattohare In reply to So you were using status ...

Right now I have a site of all static HTML files. The new site is a Rails application. That means that all the URLs will change. I wrote a controller to redirect, permenantly, to the new addresses.

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