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    dealing with insubordinate staff


    by jerryus ·

    How do I deal with insubordinate rebellious staff that openly defies my requests etc? What do I do when a request is openly challenged or outright rejected in front of my other staff? I meet some tips please!

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      Make sure you are in the right place

      by susanne.moore ·

      In reply to dealing with insubordinate staff

      Firstly, if you fear that your request will be rejected – make the request in a place that is safe for you – your office, off the site at a neutral zone. Being challenged infront of peers is a no no. Make this very clear to your team member and discuss why they seem to resent your requests.

      Are they not able to do them?, are you not explaining things the way this person understands? Next time you make a request, make sure it is clear and achievable before you make the request. Deliver the request as if it will be done. when the team member refuses, ask them why and if they can address the issue in another way. Consider the answer – you don’t need to make a decision straight away remember. If they continue to be difficult in frontof others, tell them that you will both discuss this “offline” so you show respect to others at the meeting. Remain calm. You may also need to look at the way you are asking the questions and your general management style. Good luck!

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        Reply To: dealing with insubordinate staff

        by jerryus ·

        In reply to Make sure you are in the right place

        Thanks that was great.

        Anyone else got some tips for me or anything to add, past experiences, examples?

        Kind regards

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          by wimmersr ·

          In reply to Reply To: dealing with insubordinate staff

          Everything depends on what your status is and where your fellow workers fall in the hiarchy.

          In your company, it is simple to verify your companys policies and practices, you can do this with someone from your HRD also.

          Once you find out what you can do legally and politicaly within the companys practices,
          You need to fix a global meeting with all of your group and 2 other execs, 1 from hrd and one from another dept. In this meeting you need to lay down the guide lines for duties, responsabilities, and etc, plus the repremandes and etc for non respect to protocols and needs of company.

          If your authority is never implemented, you will never get anywhere except close to a depression.. Once you ask someone to produce work, makesure that you keep a log or written copies so that there is no ambiguties, and ask where they are once or twice a week as in proj planning, this way you are never left in the dark or with surprises. Never do their work once you have assigned jobs, assistance ok, but if you assign the job and then you do it, your burnt!

          Good luke

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      Must Take Action

      by wayne m. ·

      In reply to dealing with insubordinate staff

      Nonconfrontational comments in response to a request is okay (“Gee, I’m really too busy now,” or “We’ve had problems with that vendor before”), but this does not appear to be what you are describing.

      If a staff member is publicly rebellious, you must take immediate action which can be seen by all others present. The first time a staff member rejects a request in the manner you imply, you should immediately end the meeting and demand the staff member come directly to your office. Once there, explain in no uncertain terms that the staff member’s behavior was not acceptable and that although you will listen to information provided by your staff, you are ultimately responsible for decision making and he is responsible for carrying out those decisions. End of meeting. Now study up on the policies of your company. If the behavior should repeat itself, again call the staff member into your office and tell him that he is creating a rift in the work environment and suggest the employeelook for an internal transfer within the company so that he can start anew. A third occurrance is grounds for termination. Finally, be sure to write a memo describing each incident for inclusion in the employee’s HR folder.

      Everyone in a professional environment deserves respect and your job as a manager is to ensure this occurs both between you and your staff and among staff members. AN openly rebellious staff member poisons the work environment, is time consuming, and saps emotional strength from everyone. You need to end this situation as quickly as possible and reassert that you are the leader and responsible decision maker. This is hard because most of us are nonconfrontational in nature, but it must be done.

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        Everyone hates micro management

        by chemlab1 ·

        In reply to Must Take Action

        So try that. There is probably one person on your staff who is somewhat a ringleader. This ringleader needs to be you. My suggestion is to take this person and threaten them with a writeup. Once this person is wriiten up or threatened, he will tell the other “followers” and productivity might increase. simple suggestion but try doing micro management, it really seems to scare them more

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          In what century are YOU living in?

          by vstorm ·

          In reply to Everyone hates micro management

          This message area is a bit old, but it caught my eye…

          If people actually use micro-management techniques to “scare” their employees into performing, then their business is DESTINED to FAIL.

          I don’t know many professional people that will stay anywhere for very long if they are fearful of what may happen to them at their jobs.

          I came from a place that used Micro-Management, and their attrition rate changed from ~30 people a year, to ~40 per month. All due to Management strong-arm tactics. It doesn’t work. If it happens for too long in one place the compnay will fold, or worse… A Union will take over.

          Management techniques should be for the BENEFIT of the employees that you have working for you. If they are happy, they perform. If they perform, they look good, and you as a manager look good. Win – Win situation… Much like Mr. Covey likes to bring up in every lecture he speaks at.

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          how about staff trying to outshine you?

          by plantasia ·

          In reply to In what century are YOU living in?

          insubordination starts when people under you start thinking they can do better then you and then they start doing things to prve their point.

          I have a subordinate who is just starting to do the above and i was so pissed i didnt come in for a day,not even call him regarding the project i gave hime control over. tomorrow i will tell him in very nice words how i got pissed. Period. if he does it all over again, i will have to inform upper mgt.

          I gave this guy so much slack, cos i depend onhim most of the time, i am undermanned! And i was also trying to give him room for growth… now what?

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