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Dear HP Support

By NexS ·
I dislike you.

The end.

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Teh lulz.

by seanferd In reply to Dear HP Support

Another historically good company with an awesome research division which otherwise pretty much sucks currently. Progress!

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Their progress

by NexS In reply to Teh lulz.

Is like a 80 year old in a car:
If they go any slower, they'd be going backwards.

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by seanferd In reply to Their progress

Their consumer products fail way too often, and these days, not two weeks out of the box.

I should have included the sarcasm quotes around "progress".

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by NexS In reply to Yep.

Parts are engineered to fail at point of warranty send-off.
All for the cycle of cash-flow.

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poor HP . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Dear HP Support

I hope they don't become the next Gateway !!
Gateway support really sucks,
you gotta buy their support just to get friggin' drivers for systems that are "out of warranty"
what does hosting the drivers on the web have to do with warranty? I have no idea.

But for the most part I've been able to get drivers for HP / Compaq systems as old as 16 years old
I've only run into one problem system
an Evo N150 P-III (c.2001)
sticker says designed for win2K / Me
and only 98 / Me Drivers are on the site

but I do know that the win2K drivers exist
as google search turns up and old (2003) HP forum post asking why only the win2K drivers are on the site
and in the same search results
I found one old HP driver page with the win2K driver for the Intel Pro100 ethernet controller in the system

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I feel for you!

by NexS In reply to poor HP . . .

I was on the phone to HP at the time of OP. I was asked to switch on/off the printer twice - each time I told him(the same person) that I was no where near the printer in question. And three times he asked me to do a task which would not solve any issues due to the fact that a toner cartridge would not seat properly (therefor printer will error until the toner seats).

Maybe my call was just answered by their attempt at <a href=";discussion-table">Jaqui's Educational Plan</a>...

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perhaps, I'll get grumpy one day and . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I feel for you!

download their entire FTP sites ( and
to my system and filter out what I need and probably store the rest anyway

Their directory structure is really simple:
so it's as easy as Cue all the Directories or a range of them in the FTP client
and go to bed
and check the progress in the morning or when I get up for that midnight snack etc.


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We just switched from Dell to HP.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dear HP Support
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by NexS In reply to We just switched from Del ...

I've dealt with Dell before, and their service, their website and their 1st level support far exceeded HP. Indefinitely, absolutely and with flying colours.

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Well I don't know what you have to complain about here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dear HP Support

After all HP AU now at least lists their Phone Number under HP Support where as previously they just listed it under Support in the Melbourne Phone Book with no reference to HP and in the one case where I wanted them the Books that came with the Tape Drive that HP had just absorbed the company didn't have any Phone Numbers for Warranty Claims.

But being a Good Reseller I sent SWMBO to ring the place that I ordered parts from and she was greeted with Where the_FUCK did you get this Phone Number?

I simply refused to believe her which I know is stupid but I found it incomprehensible that any company would react that way so I stopped doing what I was doing and got on the phone to them. I got exactly the same thing when I rang them.

The girl by this time was more than a bit _Pissed OFF and if anything was even shorter that what SWMBO got. I just asked for the State Mangler and when through the same thing with him.

But he insisted that the Phone Number was in the book so when I offered to come over and get him to show me where it was he backed down and gave it to me. I just looked up the Phone Number as at that time they had Yellow Pages on CD and you could reverse look up a Phone Number. The only listing was under Support in the Melbourne Phone Books. I confirmed this by grabbing a Melbourne Phone Book and looked it up there under Technical Services and sure enough there was the Support listing with no reference to what it was about or who it was for. Needless to say I doubt if they got many phone calls as no one else would have known who they where. The same thing was in the White Pages which was even of less use if that is possible.

That Phone number also didn't appear in the Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth Phone Books. At the time the Hobart Phone Book wasn't available so I couldn't look in that but I doubt that it appeared there.

So what do you have to complain about? Now HP Support is listed in every Phone Book in AU and while the people who answer the phone are as useful as_Tits on a Bull you can at least call HP Support without problems and easily.

Of course they are a complete waste of time like with a HP SCSI Scanner which caused the Partition Information on the HDD to disappear the girl on the other end of the phone insisted that it only took about 5 minutes to reinstall after their software failed so why was I overcharging the customer by charging for the 12 hours it took to recover the Data on the HDD and then reload the system?

I just suggested that maybe her Technical Staff should come out and have a look see to try to fix the issue as I was obviously completely lost and didn't understand how to do anything and I would just stand around to learn from them. In the end the owner of that place had to stop me from climbing down the phone and strangling the woman on the other end of the phone. I already had Airline Tickets for the trip to Melbourne so I could kill her.

After the incident with the Connor Tape Drive I stopped selling any HP Product and have never dealt with them again. I find it easier that way and no real problems with Warranty Work now arises. Granted I have to repair things that break under warranty and I can not give my customer a new product when the old one breaks a week before the warranty expires which at first they are not overly happy about but when I point out that when the replacement unit breaks and they are no longer in warranty what do they think happens they just shake their heads and say Good Point.


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