Death of a SATA drive?

By elcanrab ·
My XP installation recently failed after a forced shut-down. It would get to the XP screen then hang, so i thought no problem i'll just format. But in the bios one of my SATA drives had disappeared, and it wasn't the one XP was installed on... My system includes Asus A8N-SLI mobo, 2*120gb SATA Seagate HDD, 1*320gb SATA Seagate HDD. The 2 120gb drives are still functioning on SATA 1&2 but my 320gb will not show up in the bios. I have tried swapping cables around and plugging it into the SATA ports on the mobo i know to be working... sounding like its dead, but does anyone else have any suggestions?

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It's a fairly safe bet that it's dead if it's not appearing in BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Death of a SATA drive?

But do as Seagate Recommend and test it with Sea Tools if you can get this Utility to actually read or see that drive.

As this unit should still be UG you can contact either your Reseller for a replacement Drive or Seagate Directly here


If necessary Seagate can even perform a Data Recovery Service as they have just introduced this and it will not affect any Guarantee you can find details about Seagate's Data Recovery Service here


I've never used them for this so I'm not sure what the service is like or the costs involved but if the Drive is still UG which you can find out on the first Web Page and then fill in a Warranty Claim Form from there and you need to recover the data this could be useful to you.

However a Decent DR Plan would be a much better idea as it's far cheaper than anything else that is currently available.


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