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Death of the "Progress Bar"

By dmarston ·
Has anyone else noticed that what once was called a "Progress Bar" has been replaced with a moving animation that is utterly meaningless? The "Progress Bar" was originally designed to give a visual representation as to the PROGRESS of a given task. When the bar reached the end, the task was complete. I have noticed that the latest incarnations of this feature do nothing of the sort (see IE7 installer). They move along, going from one side to the other, then, just when I think my wait is over... It starts over! Exactly what does this bar measure? What is it showing me? Since it can (and does) repeatedly start over (with no other indications of how many times it will do so) the bar itself is completely useless! What function does this bar now serve? Is it just eye candy to let you know your PC hasn?t completely frozen up? Is there actual logic behind this meaningless animation?
Why has this bizarre transformation occurred? Has it become impossibly complicated to calculate the amount of time required to complete a task and display an indicator of said tasks progress?
What is a progress bar that doesn?t show progress??
If a tree falls in the woods??.
Why do we drive down a Parkway, but park in a driveway?
Why? Why? WHY????

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I guess it's supposed to hypnotize you into watching the screen instead of

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Death of the "Progress Ba ...

leaping out of a 10th story window out of frustration.

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This is the first Microsoft "improvement" for a long time...

by Absolutely In reply to Death of the "Progress Ba ...

that I prefer over what it replaced. "Progress" indicators that indicate 99% complete, for 3 hours, are not helpful because the "information" they display is untrue. The new animation indicates "progress", or lack thereof when inanimate, and omits the never-accurate estimate of percent completed.

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Agree, But....

by dmarston In reply to This is the first Microso ...

*nix has been able to accuratly display progress for a LONG time, why can MS just FIX it instead of putting a psudo-progress bar in it's place?
Ahhhh it's the little things that drive us nuts!

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You answered your own question

by NickNielsen In reply to Agree, But....

...why can['t] MS just FIX it instead of putting a psudo-progress bar in it's place?
Ahhhh it's the little things that drive us nuts!

That's exactly it.

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MS or developer?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You answered your own que ...

Who actually controls the progress bar, MS or the developer of the application being installed. I've seen several different bars and they don't all behave the same. Some are the preferred style reflecting the actual percent of installation complete. Some are the detested kind that just keep starting over for an undeterminable number of times. Since I've seen both on the same machine, I've assumed each developer's installation process displayed it's own custom bar.

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by dmarston In reply to MS or developer?

True, both are indeed at fault. The one that go my goat (and hence the post) was the IE7 installer (M$). You have to admit it though, M$ has NEVER been good at telling time. I have had untold installs / downloads where the M$ dialog box says "3 minutes remaining" for HOURS!

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MS Progress Bar very accurate,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Both

at least compared to it's estimation of whether you need to defrag or not.

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Some Comparison!!

by dmarston In reply to MS Progress Bar very accu ...
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That is a question / request NOT an answer!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to You answered your own que ...

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