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Deb - when you cram your head in Microsofts arse you lose credibility

By other2332233223 ·
Deb Shinder

Your "article" is merely a favorable rework of Microsoft's press release.

Enhanced search capabilities? WHO CARES? Microsoft listed this as an "important feature" so obviously your brown tongue needed to wax lyrical about it.

The problem is that you clearly have no idea about operating systems and yet you accuse others, with VASTLY more knowledge and experience of technology, of creating FUD.

Vista brings NOTHING to the user except for extra costs and expenses.

You say that Vista runs fine on a small PC. OK does it work on a Pentium 3 with 128 Mb of RAM, a TNT2 card, and a 10 GB harddisk. That's what my dad has on his machine. He is very happy thankyou and I dont have him calling me daily. If he ran Vista on his machine, as you clearly recommend he would need a monumental upgrade. Can he actually launch ANY application in Vista on those specs?

You fail to mention that, to date, there is not a single Vista compliant graphic card or monitor that can fully support DRM. Oops another upgrade because nothing works.

No mention either that Nvidia has only just released BETA graphics drivers on the day that Vista launched and ATI have just introduced their OpenGL versions. And there is NO SLI support

How about talking about the fact that Direct X 10 only has two cards that fully support it but you need to sacrifice your first and second born child to buy it.

Or that there are almost no drivers for the 64bit editions. I run Windows XP-64 and have a hard time finding them. If you have an expensive sound card then you are really out of luck. There is no hardware acceleration in Vista so a $5000 sound card sounds exactly the same as a $10 one and you need a hack to fix it.

YOu ease people by saying that VIsta is secure and yet there are no firewalls that support 64-bit mode. Nor are there antivirus software that can run effectively. I challenge you to show me a working 64-bit firewall - this excludes Microsoft's primative firewall.

Deb = instead of wasting your life filling the universe with more useless press-release drivel; why not use your investigative and writing skills to find out the truth behind the DRM in Vista.

For you I feel sorry. Whoring yourself out to a multinational is great for the bank balance but cuts deeply into the soul.

For the record I have a degree in Computer Science and have spent 25 years in the computer industry.

As an exercise: feel free to do a google search for Vista problems. I'm sure that the results will enlighten you.

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